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Re: A tool question to ponder

This thread has made me start thinking. I think I will build a platform between my table saw and my radial arm saw. Put a railing around it with steps up one side and a handicap ramp on the other. Put a mattress on it and contact the local land fill for a burial site. I'm taking my tools with me, even if they won't withstand the fires of hell.
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Re: A tool question to ponder

I accumulate a lot of tools for what start at as one time repairs. Cheaper to buy a tool that you do not have than to hire someone to do the job. Good example, duct crimper. Bought it years ago while installing a dryer vent. One time use, until last year when installing a new bathroom fan for my son.
Have a whole wall of tools like that. Kind of like my surplus nut and bolt tool box.
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I don't mind spending money, I mind wasting money.
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Re: A tool question to ponder

Originally Posted by BigJim View Post
I guess I am the odd ball, I have too many tools. I have tools I will never use again. Seaming routers, flooring guns, electric door plane, 48 inch horizontal sander and a bunch more. I am even selling my 3 hp 220 Unisaw. My wife just this week bought me a Dewalt 7491RS DWE table saw because I am downsizing big time.

I have 12 routers and maybe more, but right off the top of my head that is all I can remember. At 75, I will never swing my 12 pound sledge again either. I have C clamps coming out my ears. It take 64 clamps to build a curved stair rail and I have more than that. I don't need all the Jorgensen cabinet clamps I have. I have two 6 foot and about twenty others of different sizes.

I just have way more than I need. If I don't sell them soon they will be so outdated no one will want them. I even have a 1949 Stanley router, still works perfectly. I want to downsize to mostly hand tools and do the things I want to do. I will never build another house either.

When you have that yard sale to start downsizing your collection of tools, please send me an advance notice. I will need to sneak out of the house so that I can start driving before the wife catches me. Chattanooga is going to take me a day or two to get there.

Unless of course I can convince her to drive me. Or convince the doc to let me drive again.

That is one yard sale I would just love to experience.
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Re: A tool question to ponder

Speaking of yard sales, a gospel singer I knew got killed in an industrial accident. He was an avid woodworker and had their garage filled with woodworking tools. His widow had a yard/garage sale and sold them all one Saturday. I didn't find out about it until a few days later ...... but I was broke anyway.
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Re: A tool question to ponder

Originally Posted by Oso954 View Post
Too many multiple is a waste of money. Other multiples could be task specific. My electrical screwdrivers are only used for electrical work.

I have one bucket with organizer that you might call GP tools. They are handy for almost any thing I want to do. I can also accomplish some small specialty tasks with those tools.

Then I have other buckets, bags cases that are specialty tools. Iíll grab one or more of them depending on the tasks for the day.

Since the GP bucket is the first to go, I do not have to duplicate any tool in it.
I disagree about multiples. I just had my husband buy me 10 #2 screwdrivers because we're always losing the things. Same with 10mm and 13mm sockets & wrenches. Just two days ago, my husband ended up trying three different open end 14mm wrenches to find the one with a small enough head to fit in a tight spot.

As to the OP, I'd never say such a thing to my husband. I get all giddy when he brings home new tools, (especially ones in plastic boxes because I steal the box almost before he can put the tool away :P) The last "major" tool he got was a Snap-on right angle socket driver/gun - best tool for engine work evar!
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(I'm not a professional, just a homeowner who dabbles in a bit of everything DIY)
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