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Knock-Off Battery Packs

I need a new battery for my DeWalt 20V Max drill driver.
eBay has TONS of compatible batteries, but I would like to know if anyone has any experience with no-name batteries in their drills.
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Re: Knock-Off Battery Packs

Personally with the circuity and complexity of the li ion packs I wouldn't risk it. Too many variables go into what the cells can handle and if they are even decent cell quality. All the ones I've seen for the cheap replacement type also look very cheap on the shell which could develop into more issues.
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Re: Knock-Off Battery Packs

If price is an issue, consider buying the compact or lower amp-hour genuine dewalt packs instead.

Dewalt batteries can be pretty expensive if you buy them one at a time, often you can buy them in a 2-pack for not a lot more. They have several different levels of batteries available from 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 amp hour compact batteries, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 amp hour full sized batteries. The more amp hour reserve the batteries have, the longer they will run your tools between charges and the higher the price.

I have never heard anything good about knock off batteries. They are made with cheap cells and cheap plastic that breaks easier than the genuine batteries. Most are rated at lower amp hour than their comparable brand name packs and their cheap cells don't last well.

The genuine batteries last extremely well if you take proper care of them. I have dozens of batteries including several 3.0 batteries from 2011 that are still going strong. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many times they have been recharged, lets just say a lot. I've never had any of the 20v batteries fail. I did have one get wonky after it was dropped in a puddle but I took it apart and dried it out and it still works fine.

Lithium batteries cannot be stored for long periods uncharged or unused. Like any battery they will slowly discharge, when they discharge too low the chemistry is known to become unstable, potential for internal shorting and can't be recharged. You should always store your battery with a good charge and check regularly to make sure they are maintained with a charge on them. You don't need to run them down all the way, they can be charged at any time with no damage or developing any memory.
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Re: Knock-Off Battery Packs

I bought "Powerextra" knock off battery packs for my m12 stuff. No complaints at all, two years later. I'm a pro so the stuff gets used and abused.
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Re: Knock-Off Battery Packs

GidYAP... I understand exactly where ya comin from...

I've been using e-bay a fair degree... and I read the reviews/sales history.

I'm suspicious of unknown vendors, but I really think E-bay has a darn good honest review process and controls.... I've been very undisappointed with everything coming out of e-bay... especially if they have a sufficient historical record with the site sales.

(I did get one failed sale... and immediately got my money back... and it was from a fellow who had maybe only a 25 transaction history)
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