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Should I repair my wired alarm system? My central vac?

Both my alarm system and my central vacuum stopped working a few years ago. We almost never actually used them, so I didn't bother getting them repaired. But now that we are contemplating selling and moving, I need to decide what to do.

With the technological changes in home security (wireless systems, cameras, etc), should I bother repairing the wired system, or remove it?

How desirable are central vacuums? Even though we have had one in three houses (two of them new), We have never really used them, but have simply used standard upright or cannister vacuums to clean whatever area needed cleaning, rather than dragging out the huge central vac hose and attaching to a port, moving to a different area and reattaching.

Part of me says that a new owner will expect to have these features, but I'm not sure.
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Re: Should I repair my wired alarm system? My central vac?

Forget the alarm system, new systems are all wireless. I we would repair the vac.

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Re: Should I repair my wired alarm system? My central vac?

Definitely consider repairing the wired alarm system, yes, as rjniles said most of the new ones are wireless but that's only because they are cheaper. I wired alarm system is much more professional and will cause fewer problems. You also have the advantage of having to replace batteries annually in each device. Since you already have the wiring in the walls getting it working shouldn't be a major issue. You may have to replace sensors and maybe even the control panel itself but that is all very inexpensive any interest replace everything will be less expensive than buying and installing a wireless system. If you look at any commercial system you won't see any wireless systems installed so that should tell you what type of system is the preferred.

The central vacuum is a tossup, replacing the vacuum itself probably wouldn't get you enough payback. You'd probably be better off just removing the vacuum itself, cap off the pipe where it is located and advertise the home as at being piped for a central vacuum.
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Re: Should I repair my wired alarm system? My central vac?

On the alarm, if you’re handy with a multimeter and know which wires go to which sensors you could quickly determine what wiring is still good. Then, depending on the test results, you could say - “wired for alarm system” and let buyer decide what to do for the panel.

I agree wired is best, so whatever you do don’t actually remove the wires! They might work and the next guy can either use them or maybe use them to trace and pull new wire.

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Re: Should I repair my wired alarm system? My central vac?

If the home is wired for an alarm system and it doesn't work, isn't it probably the control module? When a thermostat goes bad, it's not the wiring, it's the thermostat.

Perhaps you can buy a control module to replace the old one and it might be an easy fix.

I like your idea with the home vac system though. Just seal it off.
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Re: Should I repair my wired alarm system? My central vac?

Neither is make or break for a house sale. They are extras that are in the bag but not essentials that people look for. Leave them as is, don't start cutting wires on your own, maybe detach the vacuum tank but keep so the model and power rating can be id'd easily, make things clean and tell the potentials that system is ready for new parts.
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