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Re: replacement motor for bathroom exhaust fan

I cleaned up the motor and now it seemed to be working fine again.
Ya done good.

Those little motors are shaded pole motors and almost never wear out.
I have replace a number of them but always had difficulty find replacement motor to fit the fan fame.

Then I learned. They most often fail because of a build up of crud and corrosion on the armature shaft. They just don't have much starting power.

Yours most likely will fail again in the near future. If so, simply remove the fan blade and remove the motor (two screws).

Remove the end caps (same two screws) and disassemble. You will have four parts. The two end caps, the armature and the winding. Rub the ends of the armature shaft lightly with very fine sandpaper or steal wool to remove crud and corrosion. Lubricate the bearings (in the end caps) with a light weight machine oil. Just a drop or two.

Reassemble. There is only one thing you can do wrong and I don't specifically remember what it is. I think it is that you can reverse the end caps on the winding. If you do, it will go back together OK and will run, but you won't be able to remount the motor to the fan housing. If you make this error you will know it immediately.

I have used things like Pam and anti-stick cooking products but they don't work out to well. They are sticky and collect dust. The reason I have used these things is because I was ask to repair them while I was doing other things for a client and was not prepared with a light machine oil.

This is one of those things you almost can't do wrong. There is only four parts, they don't wear out and there is no adjustment. About the only thing you can do wrong is reverse the end caps.

Just use a light weight machine oil and the motor will last so long you will forget what you did to repair it.

WD 40 is not a lubricant and it is also sticky. Don't use.
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Re: replacement motor for bathroom exhaust fan

Originally Posted by nilanjan View Post
Thanks all!
I cleaned up the motor and now it seemed to be working fine again. Before I took it down it was acting like the power to the fan was cutting out for half second every few seconds.

I did not oil it any where. I did have machine oil at hand but donít know where to oil; was afraid of making a fire hazard.
The shaft in these can move in and out as the fan pushes it as it rotates. You were probably getting crud buildup that the fan would move into as it spun, then drop away from as it slowed. Definitely give it a good clean and a little oil if it happens again. Don't worry about fire, nothing in there arcs or gets nearly hot enough. Fan restoration sites recommend 30 wt non detergent but realistically any mineral oil other than gear oil (eats brass bushings) would probably be fine.
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