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outdoor lighting

I recently built a pergola out of driftwood that I gathered myself might I add. My question is I am needing to add lights to see so I can grill not in the dark. I am wanting to convert old coleman lanterns into a 110v light any ideas on how to waterproof it or do they make an outdoor lighting kit. Thanks
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Places like camping world would have anything you need. Camp grounds with stores...
We even have Halloween lighting....
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Found an article about this. Looks pretty simple and all the materials needed can be had at any home improvement store. Hopefully the link works.
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The bad thing about the instructables, is you have no idea of the background of the person doing it.

Home made lamps are a bad idea. Even a worse idea if you are using them outside.

Coleman lamps are not designed to be waterproof. Nor is there any risk of electric shock, before you start your modifications. Converting one is a bad idea.

If you are insistent on doing it, make sure you use a 3 prong plug and cord, so the thing will be grounded. Plug it into a GFCI protected receptacle.

You should not use the suggested hot stick glue to install the socket. You need to be able to remove the socket, if the cord or socket ever need replacement.

Regardless of how well you build it, it will still violate the electrical code.
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I'm not sure why you say that it will be in violation of the electrical code no matter how well you build it. It obviously would take some work to make it code compliant but there is no reason it couldn't be made code compliant. As long as you use the appropriate strain reliefs, grounded the device, attached everything appropriately, etc. there's no reason it couldn't be made safe and meet applicable codes.
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