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Moving the Washer/Dryer

I know this may be difficult to answer without seeing what I am working with, but I am desperate for help. We have a raised ranch home and the laundry room is downstairs in the middle of the finished basement. The ceilings are drywall, not the drop tiles. I am moving the laundry room to an over-sized closet in the mud room. Surprisingly, the mud room is almost directly below where the dryer vent currently runs. The dryer is gas, and the home is old so it is not on a flexible gas line. The closet in the mud room has two breaker boxes. Is there anything to worry about with moving a washer and dryer to this closet with the breaker boxes. I am guessing the dryer will be more efficient with the move because it cuts 15 feet out of the vent, but I am nervous about running the gas line (and cutting into a wall with so much electrical behind it) plus is their an additional fire hazard risk? Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Please put your location in your profile. Codes vary, and that will help with advice specific to where you live. The first issue, common in many places (in the US anyway), is that there are some things DIY homeowners can't legally do like plumbing, electric, or gas work. Permits and inspections would also be involved. Only your local building/permit department (or what here is often called the "AHJ" or "Authority Having Jurisdiction") can tell you what is required for what you want to do.

That aside, it doesn't seem like a difficult or complex job, especially if you plan to tie into the existing dryer vent. I've actually done something like this in one of my houses, except my dryer was electric.
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You talking to me?
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one thing to pay attention to:

the breaker boxes are required to have 3 feet clear space in front of them (nothing at all within that space, not even another breaker box) a minimum of 30 inches or the width of the box, whichever is less. If there are two (typically standard) boxes they will be 20" wide each. The 30" required by each box can overlap so if they are immediately side to side that would give you a 40" space which is acceptable.

the clear space must go from the floor to the ceiling.
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It looks like the two previous posters have just about covered the major issues you will run into. The code requirements for clear space in front of the breaker panels will probably be the biggest problem to achieve with what you're proposing. Doing the electrical work since it's just 120 V shouldn't be a major problem and probably won't require a permit many places. The water and drain lines probably fall into the same category. The gas line however is a bigger issue and quite possibly could require a permit.
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What ever you decide to do, get a pro to handle the gas.
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