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I need some advice on making my horrible dorm room couch more comfortable

Hi! I hope this isnít the completely wrong place to post this! Iím just running out of places to find advice.

Ok, so I live in a single dorm room and my university provides a few pre-furnishings in the room so we don't have to purchase everything, which is lovely of them to do and I adore the computer desk and the armoire and my bed, BUT the couch...the couch is the WORST. It LOOKS pretty but is probably the least comfy couch I've ever sat on.... It's upholstered with faux leather and I can only describe the seat cushions and back cushion as being "strangely stuffed" they are somehow too firm and hard while simultaneously lacking in sufficient support. Not only are the cushions uncomfortable but the angle created by the back of the couch and the seat is really awkward when you sit down and it's impossible to sit comfortably.

((This really sucks because A: if I have to have a couch Iíd like to be able to sit on it without slipping a disk and B: I'm the only one of my friends who lives on campus so we all tend to congregate in my room to study/hang out but no one ever wants to sit on the torture couch. There's literally NO space for additional seating in my room, and only a certain number of people can fit on my bed (not to mention that a few of my friends WILL NOT sit on my bed because "ew sex juice")))

The university requires that all school supplied furnishings remain in the room at all times and you get fined pretty harshly if you remove any of them so it seems that I'm stuck with this devil couch and unable to replace it with less horrible seating.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions on how I can make this monster more comfortable?!?? I'd MAYBE be able to remove/replace the cushions and just throw the original ones on top of my dresser but I obviously I can't make and permanent or damning alterations to the hate seat because it's school property....any suggestions?

TL;DR: My couch is a monstrosity of discomfort. I canít get rid of it, permanently alter it, or light it on fire. Help!!!
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Stores like Joanne's Fabric have large (almost twin bed size) pieces of thick foam. Could you buy foam and go to Walmart for fabric to cover it. If you can't sew pin the fabric around the foam.

Or, instead of fabric, go to Target or Walmart in the linen section where they have slipcovers and look for a "throw" to put over the foam.

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You could try spacers under the front legs only, to change the angle of the back and seat bottoms.
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Try "lumbar pillows." Do a search on eBay. I have sat on couches that need them to be comfortable. The idea of changing the angle by putting something under the front or rear legs is also good. Or just sit on your bed the way we did in the old days.
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Tell your RA to get you a new couch. Insist. If she can't, take it up with her boss.

You're paying a hell of a lot of money to the school to live in that dorm. Make them make it right.
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Sounds like you had a solution in your own post - you implied the cushions had some sort of zipper or velcro closure - take out whatever is inside and put in the foam Stargingover suggested. After the year, swap back out. Or leave as a present to the next resident - they will thank you (figuratively) and university will never know
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