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How much would a woodchuck charge Chuck Wood to chuck wood if a woodchuck could charge Chuck Wood to chuck wood?

The answer is really pretty simple...

A woodchuck would charge Chuck Wood as much as a woodchuck could charge Chuck Wood to chuck wood if a woodchuck could charge Chuck Wood to chuck wood. Assuming of course that the woodchuck felt that he could charge Chuck Wood enough to make a fair and reasonable profit after covering all of the costs for chucking wood for Chuck Wood, including but not limited to material, wages, insurance, overhead, etc., etc., etc., unless Chuck Wood happens to be the brother-in-law of the woodchuck, or in any way related to the mayor, police chief, constable, manager of the local mill, or other "dignatary", or went to the same high school as a recognizable athlete, actor, or other "public figure", which Chuck Wood assumes automatically entitles him to a discount, in which case the woodchuck will automatically add 10-15% in the beginning, knowing that if he is going to deal with a jerk Chuck Wood through the entire project, he is going to at least smile, knowing that he, woodchuck, is doing to Chuck Wood what Chuck Wood was trying to do to him, the woodchuck.

And none of this is any different here in lala land than it is in real life. For anyone who has not had to actually estimate a job in real life, you would be surprised at the percentage of calls from people who have no concept of what the work will entail, nor what they even want, neither of which by itself is a problem, but then they "don't want to waste your time by having to drive to my home or business", when in fact they are doing you and themselves a disservice by trying to get you to cave and give them "a ballpark price" over the phone. You know, "a ballpark price"; something just close enough that they can line up financing, and then swear that you told them it was a "firm price".

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Glad to see/hear that this was already getting some attention!
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This must be the forums latest answer to this problem. Just noticed it.

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Never mind.
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Now we get to find out how many people don't read it.....

Any wagers on how long before the next "How Much"?
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