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Brass Fitting On Pool

I have a brass back flush valve that needs the inside gaskets replaced. The problem is the screws on the valve (3) that seem to be totally stuck and can't get them out. I will get them out but wonder what type of hex type bolts to replace it with. It's for a pool product so chemicals will be involved? I had it serviced many years ago and don't believe the tech used the correct type of fasteners as they are rusted badly.

The fitting is brass and what type of fastener would be best? Brass? Stainless Steel?

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Got a picture?
When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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You should not casually mix metals in contact with each other and especially around water. I am sure you have heard water heater valve horror stories. It sounds like you are now facing a similar outcome in this situation?

Even brass fittings for marine applications is fairly soft compared to some other metals. It sounds like someone put the fasteners in with a bit "that looked close enough" and now you have to get them out. The heads are marginal and mashed? If they are just bound someone probably torqued the suckers in too hard and maybe something like WD-40 overnight might help. If they were stripped on the way in you have a more major problem.

A screw extractor or reverse drill the right size might work if you have nothing to grip. Go slow with either attached to a power drill in brass though. Feel your progress with little low torque bursts. If this is something really needing machined help I would find someway to deal with the fasteners with a drill press rather than something hand held.

Can the valve or whatever be removed temporarily and brought to a machine shop? Do you have a marina service place near you that does work on brass things for sailboats? Any should be able to get the fasteners out, provide you with nice clean threads and new fasteners and perhaps cheaper than ruining the piece? I know this is a DIY site but sometimes, as I learned first hand working on soft metal parts for cars and boats needing restoration, the machine shop is your best friend.

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Default Stainless is soft but is non reactive. You really need to consult so one that specializes in fasteners for marine applications.
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Stainless. The heavier oxidation layer on brass provides a very strong interference fit.
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