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BoxAlarm 07-06-2011 10:26 AM

Bathtub installation
Removed old tub, bought new one. I rearranged/installed the new faucetry piping (going from 3 knob style to single-arm-turn style water control) because this new tub is about 1-2 inches taller and about 1-2 inches further from the wall OC of the drain. This is on a concrete slab.

So the point of time has come where the tub needs to find it's way into the bathroom. It's a 5' by 30" (
This tub has a foam block underneath the tub, on which is rests. It seems that the tub is slightly not level. I keep hearing that "shim it" but, where? The foam block?

So this might sound like a silly question, but where in that space do I install it in order to keep things kosher with the cementboard? Does it need to be "so many inches" from the studs?

When the tub IS placed, and it's time for the cement board to go up: Does the cement board come all the way flush to the tub rim? Or does it rest just above the flange?

Lots of questions I know and thanks in advance!

mikey48 07-06-2011 12:25 PM

I think that foam piece is just for shipping, it will deteriorate under the tub. I put the board over the flange but leave about 1/8 gap between the bottom of the board and tub. I fill that with chalk. Some of the pros will show up and some may have different opinions. Read the directions that come with the tub too. Good luck with your project.

mikey48 07-06-2011 12:32 PM

Might want to show a picture of that foam pad under the tub. Looked at the installation instructions and it does talk about a pad.

Dean CRCNA 07-06-2011 05:22 PM

Do read the instructions.

On many I've installed, the foam stayed on. If there was a problem with level the stringer you install will help. I also buy some sand mix (home depot), mix it up and place under the foam feet. Press tub down to level and where it rest on the 2 x 4 stringer.

The tub goes up against the studs. Cement board goes over (covers) the flange that is around the tub, but stays about 1/8 inch from touching the tub. I've chiseled out the studs a touch so that the flange is flush with the 2 X 4 studs. This keeps the cement board from pouching out as it goes over the flange.

Dry fit the tub in the space to make sure the drain is in the right place and is high/low enough to connect.

Read direction on cement board too. Most want you to tape seems and don't want 4 corners meeting up anywhere. Also, you may want to consider putting Redgard or some other water proof paint on membrane on top of the cement board. If you aren't going to put any waterproof paint on membrane ... you will need to put tar paper/plastic sheet on the studs first (going over the flange) and then the cement board.

assuming this will also be used as a shower

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