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walls still bow out in winter!

Hi guys,
I had posted about 2 years ago about my new construction home.

I have 3-4 exterior walls that will separate from cabinets, or vanities in the winter time....splitting the paint/caulk joint by a 1/16th or a bit more...and then come summer time, it pops back into place....no split.

I worry this will get worse over time....does anyone have a guess what the builder did/did not do to create this situation?

The home is now 4 years old....humidity is "normal"...walls are all painted...siding on exterior....it is just weird.

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What kind of snow loads do you have? Are the trusses deflecting too much because somebody skimped and ordered bare minimum ones? The trusses could be uplifting due to different temps in the bottom and top chords because of insulation. If that is happening, floating the sheet rock at the edges may solve your problem. However, that means new sheet rock! I would not let it go forever; it ain't ever gonna fix itself.
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ours does it, too, & the house's 35yrs old,,, we don't notice it til some ***hole's had too much to drink & points it out to my bride disappears in the summer so, since this is atlanta, i blame it on drunken rebel bldrs
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I have some of this as well. My opinion is that the wall studs shrink a bit over winter when residual humidity drops and they naturally contract just a hair. In spring when humidity levels climb the studs absorb enough moisture to swell back into place. With a good vapor retarder, and proper construction, the studs aren't as effected by interior humidity levels as they are by those toward the exterior. Unless you are adding supplementary humidity inside, the RH levels will drop indoors as well. That means that wooden cabinets will shrink to a certain degree too. It is a natural tendency of wood to swell and shrink with humidity levels.
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wood will shrink across it's width not lenght
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