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First I have to say that I really know nothing about construction. That's why I don't attempt to build things.
My roommate, however, does have some general knowledge of how it all works. So he wants to build a house. He said he'll hire a contractor to dig the (full) basement and put up the frame. I'm not sure what square footage he's thinking of, but I'm pretty sure he wants a 3 bedroom house & 2 car garage with a full basement. He doesn't own the land yet and he's thinking he can move in by June 30th. Scratch that. He hasn't picked out the land that he wants to buy, and he thinks he can have 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, and a livingroom completely finished by June 30th. We live in Montana. It snows in (and until) June every year. Is he completely delusional or am I being paranoid? Any contractors out there?
Oh, and he works full time. He's planning on taking off 2.5 weeks from work & having his dad help him when he can. And he has one person to do the roof. It seems overly ambitious to me, but, like I said, I really know nothing about construction. What do y'all think?
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Does his underwear have a large S on the chest? Does kryptonite adversly affect him? Can he leap tall buildings and outrun speeding locomotives? If yes, then he can probably do it. Otherwise, I think not.

Seriously -
I would suggest he needs to create a detailed written plan - step by step - with dependancies. Include site aquistion, site utilities install, permitting, all construction activties, etc. And put best, probable, and worst case timelines to each step. Then see what this exercise says for the time needed to complete...

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Prefab housing construction, and I mean high end custom homes, is starting to catch on in this country and it makes so much sense in so many ways. With it, you can accelerate the time it takes to put up and enclose a home. Even with it you would never get one manufactured and in place by June. And you would still have to finish off the interior, details and so forth. "Prefabulous" is one of the better books on high end prefab.
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Till he finds land, buys it, gets a title transfer, gets building plans submitted, gets all the permits in place......... It will be June. That leaves a few days to build.
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Your friend should see someone for a reality check. Watching the, "This Old House " series will not give him the knowledge for this project.
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