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rim joist insulation nightmares..

wow... what a fun project this has been so far... only 1/6th the way done and its been a pain in the butt!... here's how I've been doing it...

1" XPS Foam board in each rim joist cavity (about 9x15 inches in size)
caulk around all the sides of it so its air tight or spray foam if its in a place I can't easily caulk or the gap is too big...

after that I have R-5 with an air seal basically

to make it a little more insulated, stuff in R-30 fiberglass insulation until it fills the cavity completly (its about 9" deep, 8" after the foam of space left)...

so now I have a air seal and insulation....

well this works great until you have a duct right up against the rim joist! going into the ceiling to make a duct riser to the 2nd floor... not sure how to work around this yet....

but the real fun has been all the neat mistakes the builders made when building I am finding.... like a 1" gap in the sill plate (i think thats what it is called, the pressure treated 2x8 that is sitting on the cinder blocks ontop of a sill gasket) that goes right outside! nice tunnel for bugs... infact found tons of spiders, spider eggs and webs in that general area... nothing some bug/spider killer spray couldnt fix though with a shop vac to clean the rest up...... well spray foamed that shut.... one of probably many holes im to find.... in the winter there was this odd draft constantly blowing through the basement ceiling and now it kind of makes sense if there is big holes where they didnt completly meet the boards together at ugh...

been caulking the joint between the cinder blocks and the boards, and caulking the gaps between boards to keep anything that could get in out...

oh what a fun project so far... cant wait for it to be done before winter comes again
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