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post hole concrete

Hey there, I've been told that the easiest way to set a post in concrete
is to fill around the post with dry sacrete and the mix in the water.
Is that OK or would it be better to mix then pour. I only have one post to put in. Thanks
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i'd use fast setting post cement made specifically so you don't need to stand there for an hour holding it plumb.
however, if you use this product, do not put any lateral pressure on it until the next day.

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I have used the fast setting mix-it-right-in-the-hole bagged stuff for many posts - works great. Dig hole, place post, place a couple braces to keep it held plumb, pour in from the bag, add water and mix it in place... Next day it's ready to go. Fast and easy.
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Old 08-31-2009, 12:02 AM   #4
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I have talked to many cement guys and I get the same response from them all. I even talked to a company that sells the fast cure cement for posts to get their opinion on just throwing in the mix around the post and then pouring in water.

The reason I did this was lots of my competition does the same thing becuase it is easier (no mixing) and faster (job gets done faster= more money). I had my doubts so I looked into it and my suspicions were right.

Pouiring in the cement mix around the post and tossing in some water will work...sort of...However it will not work well.

For cement to work proper and have the strength it was made for it needs to be properly mixed.

Mix it in a wheelbarrow according to the instructions and then pour in. If it is just one post..grab a couple bags of Post haste or similiar product, mix it then pour it. It starts to set in minutes and you can build on if need be in 30 minutes ( I usually wait till next day to be safe).

Then rest easy knowing your cement is done properly not like those other guys trying to save a little time and cut some corners.

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On a side note, I did an experiment with not mixing cement properly (just pouring in the mix and adding water)....low and behold the top of the mix turned to concrete (looked good from the top) but the bottom of my project never really turned to concrete...the little bit that did broke into pieces insanley easily. No where near the same strength as mixing it properly....I guess those cement guys know what they are talking about

Good luck,

By the way, 1/2 hour to 1 hour to mix, pour and concrete your post and clean up the tools and wheelbarrow...assuming you have no clue what to do (faster if you are handy)...not much time spent to do it 'right'
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Don't forget to put some stone at the bottom of the post hole for the post to sit on and have drainage.
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if you pour in the dry mix & stabilize your post, the conc WILL ewventually cure to its design strength from the moisture in the soil,,, that's not always efficient to the end use but it does work,,, adding water to the top 6 - 8" & rodding to that depth will product a conc collar which'd hold the post til the eventual curing process begins.
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