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New Footing and telepost in basement.

Hello my fellow DIYer's.

Quick Question. But before that - here is the scenerio (this is all engineer approved of course). I am removing a load bearing wall on the main floor. I will be putting in a 16 foot beam. The post at one end will rest on the concrete footing on the outside wall. THe post on the other end requires a telepost below (in the basement) for support.

My engineer states that I can not just add a post on the concrete floor. I need a footing. SO i must jackhamer out a 30 inch by 30 inch square out of my concrete floor and dig it down to 12 inches deep (or to undisturbed soil). Then fill it with new concrete.

Question is: Do I have to put rebar? Or does a large chunk of concrete like that suffice. Oh and does a basement floor have rebar generally? ( I know it is not a lot of weight with the exception of footings which are reinforced),


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Basement floors rarely have rebar in this area.
The footing should have rebar in it.
The Engineer should specify the layout, but 3 pieces of 1/2 inch in each direction placed half way up/down in the footer would be better than nothing.
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You don't indicate your location, so this may not apply to you. In parts of the US where there is expansive soil it is common to use pre-tensioned concrete floors as the support slab. In most areas, there will not be a basement with that type of construction, so it is unlikely you do have a post tensioned slab in the basement. I mention it because you cannot simply jackhammer through a post tensioned slab, you need to locate the tensioning strands and avoid them.

Presumably your engineer would have pointed this out to you, so assuming the two of you discussed the construction of the basement slab, it is very likely you have an unreinforced concrete slab that is suitable for demolition with an electric hammer. As for the steel in the footer, the engineer should specify how much steel if any is required, and where to place it.
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'slip & dan're both right so pay attn your local pe'll give you ' what for ' re soil & column support,,, down here, its 12" deep x 2'0 x 2'0 - 3pcs #4 bar at 4" elevation, another 3 #4's at right angles up at 8" elevation, & more conc up to the 12",,, apron stores stock #4 in 2' & 4' lengths.

that's std - on-site soil may change the support design/size, of course !

ps - btw, welded-wire mesh is NOT steel reinforcement !
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