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Need help asap!!! Bad contractor

Hello, All, Long story I think I have a bad contractor.

I need some help; Let me first give you an idea of the situation.
I am 22 years old and I live out in MASS, I just bought my first home for my lady and are 2 children, A 3 year old and a 5 month old. I decided to by an older home. I got a construction loan. I was to have this old home renovated. 23,000 dollars worth.

I found a what seemed to be a great contractor, but did not meet the requirements that bank needed to take on my project, but did submit prices and ext. because the bank would not let him own the project he brought in another guy as the General contractor who agreed to the same terms/prices as the other guy gave. They where going to work togther

We sanded and coated floors, New counter tops, little work on the heating system. We built a closet, we got a new bath tub, we got marble and slate floors, new stair treads. We also had painting the interior as well. This is the start of my issue.

I was told they had a pro coming to paint. Then I caught the GM painting him self. I ask. He stated the painter bailed. When the painting was completed it was every thing but mediocre.

Problems -There dry wall tape jobs are the worst, last time I saw bulges that big was when I run into the Celtics team at a strip club. They had no idea what sand paper was. They did not cock anything, my walls are floating and there are gaps between wood work door ways, they got the paint all over the pine trim in every room. Paint on the lower wooden boarder on every room. The line where the ceiling and the walls meets is not strait. There is wall paint on my ceilings and ceiling paint on my walls. There are walls where there is not enough paint and the older paint is bleeding through. They painted a staircase railing and spindles. The railing paint is all over the spindles. They installed a ceiling fan in the bathroom and splattered brown paint all over it. They installed lighting fixtures and they are so wobble. In site the newly constructed closet they built there dry wall is not cut evenly there are gaps. I see brush marks and roller marks on all ceiling they painted.

Excuses that I am getting for the ****ty work are. You did not pay for wall repair; You paid for a paint job.

'They guy who gave you the prices did not charge enough for the paint job. I charge more." "I could not use tape it cost more"

"You house is old and the walls are uneven" So the paints going to be.

When asked about the wobble fixtures. "Your house is old the electrical box has fallen"

My wife is very unhappy, to the point she is depressed. She is sick of people coming in saying the work looks like **** and I was take for a ride. Her and I just want to be proud of are new home.
I showed this guy the issues he took his guys over and they coated one room and that was it. I supplied him with a list of things that need to be fixed. It has not gotten done. They worked on a Saturday for about 3 hours.

I have the last payment check that requires mine and his signature. I received it today. He has called looking for his money. I can live with the lighting fixtures but the paint job is just crazy. He had his chance to fix it now I am getting painter quotes.

What I want to do. I want to hold the money for the paint job. 2,700.00 use that toward getting the job fixed. I donít want another paint brush in these guys' hands.

This guy is a smooth talker and I am 22 years old he thinks he can take advantage. I really donít know how to approach him about deducting the cash. I donít know the reaction I will get. I want to handle the situation correctly.

If he felt that the price for painting was low he should have talked to me about it. I could have gotten more money, found my own painter. He did not say a word to me; he places the paint on the walls with out a care in the world.

Does he have the right to agree to that price then decided the poor quality of it, because he his not happy with the price he agreed to? Should I have expected craftsmen ship? I tell ya I got Crap-man-****!! What do I doÖÖ.

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Sorry, but this has nothing to do with DIY.

Low prices are often not the quality work you want.

Contact a lawyer.

Thread closed.
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