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staples have been forbiden by code on wall and roof sheathing in FL since Andrew visited. Rightfully so...

Herr Holzman metioned screws in 5/8 - 3/4 ply roof sheathing for
better high wind resistance... I predict this will be code in FL after the next big blow.

Originally Posted by Wildie
I have found that when driving nails that there is tendency for the hammer blows to move the material away from where you want it!
If you plan to use both screws and nails, I would suggest that the joint would be screwed first, then nailed secondly!
The screws would hold things in position, while being nailed.

The solution to this is, get a nailgun, or learn how to swing a hammer

Good inspectors watch for proper depth on nails ...if gun is set to high nails will bite to deep. Set to low .. you get wiggle room.

A good mechanic with good eye site, a hammer/nail , the right rythem, should not have a problem with framing member material separations and proper nail placement.

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Yes, staples have been banned. We've built probably 500+ houses with staples though, in high wind areas of the Puget Sound, but have not had any problems with the sheeting coming off. High wind in these areas is 60-80mph, so it's nothign really compared to tornado/hurricane areas. You can use more staples, for cheaper, and closer together on a rood, so it kind of works out, like I've said though, that's up here, and a few in Missouri. I have yet to see any one of my projects just pull apart. And I've never used 3/4 on the roof, but I could see how it would help. Soon they'll be asking for floor sheeting to be put on the roof, glued to the trusses and screwed off. Kind of like how every piece of hardware that you need in a house right now is patented by Simpson.... hmmmm... if someone is making good enough money on it, it'll become the standard one way or another. I've never experienced problems with my earlier in the 90's houses, just earthquake straps and hurricane clips, no hold downs, strong walls, etc. I've even seen a few houses stay standing when the hill that they were built on washed out, and took part of the foundation with it, but today, if that were to happen, the house won't do that, with so many things put in between. New changes that are over kill, bearing plates? Not too many times I've seen one of those put to use,
the hold down

the hold down replaced the old method of an earthquake strap

so many of these new pieces of hardware are a little bit overkill. Doing all this has made most people paranoid that things like nails and staples aren't enough. Keep in mind though, that while screws may be more effective at their jobs than nails, the wood can only hold so much too. So unless you replace sheeting with 1/2" steel plates, the screws are going to tear right through, if enough pressure is put on the sheeting that you use, most times nails tear through also. So the next step to prevent pullout isn't to use new fasteners, it's to use new sheeting, the solution to this is 3/4" sheeting, but once again, overkill. With 100's of houses framed from 93 to 04, when the newer codes were implemented where we lived, staples out-held any weather applied to the roof, and the nails used for shearing kept the sheeting on the side of the house. Also, nailed in hurricane clips kept the roof on the house, and earthquake straps kept the house on the foundation. I do not live in a tornado/hurricane area, but we do get some pretty high winds here, and when I lived in Missouri, where we were in an area with numerous tornadoes, the houses still held, unless they were hit pretty directly.

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