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I've always liked the sensation of the dewalt. I love when you pull the trigger the blade goes up. That is why it is a great deck saw. Instant power get through the wood move onto the next piece. Any 12 inch saw in my opinion sucks for finish work. I would take a small crapmen I mean craftsmen for finish work over any 12 inch saw. The fact of the matter is if their was one saw that was the best that would be the only one that sold. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes that is why their are so many choices. Heck my first saw was a manual one my father in law gave me. Just set the angle and start sawing by the old fashion way (push pull push pull). It worked great to finish my first basement and I did not even need electricity.
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[quote=Joining_Heads;54711] My current boss owns the dewalt 718 which I must say is the biggest POS ive ever used. The saw is poorly designed in nearly every aspect exept cutting capacity. However, It achieves its large cut buy letting the blade plunge deeper into the base which causes tear out on the back side( hard to back cut) and tear out on the fence edge as the blade begins to cut on the exit to to the deep plunge. I am honestly very dissapointed with the 718 and most other dewalt tools.

Sorry that your Dewalt experience hasn't been as good as mine. What kind of wood were you cutting, what size, and what saw blade were you using? I match the type of work I'm doing with the appropriate blade and can't say I've had any issues. I wouldn't build a piece of furniture with the 12" slider, but for general construction needs I have no complaints. I have noticed that you just can't slam the blade into the work without creating some sort of mess... slow and easy works best.
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Only the dewalt was 12 inch and we did not skimp on blades- every saw we ran were fitted with forrest blades (no thin kerfs..yuck!). It was remodeling so the saws were used for finish to framing. The dewalt is good for framing because of the hard detents, but in no way does it come close to Bosch, Makita, and Hitachi for finish. This was the 708 Dewalt. My current Boss has the 718 which is a total joke compared to the 708. Dewalt has become good at advertising and let their quality control slide.

As an added note, my current Boss put a Frued blade on the 718 and it did improve a bit, but my Bosch still is 10 times the saw.
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Mine was stolen some time ago lol
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I also, was very sceptical of the ridgid 12" slider, however a year or two back , ridgid was pusing that lifetime warranty on their powertools. I was shopping for a new sliding miter, and I decided to go with it. I can say I have never been happier. It is a great saw. Drawbacks are the weight. I like the 12" slider because I use it for a lot more than just trim work. I can trim with it one day, and cut decking the next. I really like it and it has not failed me yet. Also, it seems to hold adjustment real well.
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