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KraftMaid cabinets

Anyone have any opinnions on KraftMaid cabinetry? We want to redo our kitchen with all new cabinets... but dont want to go to the expense of custom made ones... Their cabinets look nice, but what is the quality like? are these things veneer cabinets or real stained wood ones?
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I primarily do kitchen installs. My brother does the kitchen designs and mostly sells Kraftmaid. I think Kraftmaid makes a pretty good product. The faceframes and fronts are all solid wood. The drawers are 3/4" wood, dovetailed with the self closing blumotion glides, all good stuff. The sides can be either particle board/film, or plywood veneered, that's up to you. They make just about every accessory you can think of. They offer a ton of different door styles and colors. Short of going to a custom cabinet, I think they put out a fine cabinet. The only thing I have come across that I wouldn't recommend are the corner angle appliance garages. The one they make to fit under a 24" corner angle wall cabinet is very cheaply made. They make others to go under the straight wall units that are built fine, it's just the angled one that I don't like.
Here's a few pics of one of the kitchens.
Mike Hawkins
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That's depends on the line that you get. You need to decide what you are willing to pay for. They have a lot of different option but people usually get the cheapest line. Last time I checked for a client the best line was twice the cheapest line they had without any options. The cost went from 12k to 24k. That is true with all the major manufacturers. If you end up going high end you might do better finding a local cabinetmaker in your area.
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Kraftmaid, like most cabinet companies make three cabinet lines. The base line is flakeboard with either a melamine or wood design covering. The next step up is a 1/2" ply carcasse. The third is a 3/4" ply carcasse. The pricing I'm familiar with is a 8-9% step increase between the classifications. I recommend the 1/2" ply to my customers.
The only issue I've ever had with a Kraftmaid cabinet line was with the white pickeled look cabinets. The cabinets were taken back by the distributor as per Kraftmaids direction.
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since your not to far from it why not go to the wearhouse in Niles Oh where you can get them for alot less.Some are returns from other orders or have minor flaws like a scrach on the side but they sell them dirt cheep.Last time I was their nothing I saw was over 100 dollars and they had just about any style you could want.
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The Kitchen from Hell

We bought our KraftMaid kitchen cabinets from Home Depot about 14 years ago. Our biggest problem was with Home Depot in the ordering and design, and with the installation. The cabinets we purchased were the thermafoil white cabinets with a mat finish. We wanted the gloss finish, but allowed the HD designer to talk us out of that finish. That was our first mistake . I had given him a carefully measured and rendered drawing (had technical drawing experience) of the kitchen/family room area that the install was to go in, but this guy ignored some aspects of my drawing and designed and then ordered the cabinets without doing an on site check. We thought that was very strange. When the cabinets arrived, someone from HD came out to check them and THEN checked the kitchen, and discovered that some of the cabinets weren't going to fit because of the designers overzealous designing (when the HD rep checked my drawing he could see that I had clearly drawn in all the information and that the designer had chosen to ignore some of those details). One month later we had the correct cabinets. The installation process was even worse. They sent one man to remove the old cabinets (OK) and then to install the new ones (NOT OK ). This guy was a one man wrecking crew. He destroyed our flooring (HD paid for new tiles and materials to replace the floor) and didn't level the cabinets. We discovered the unlevel cabinets when Corian came to install and they couldn't until the installer came back and leveled the lower cabinets. The Corian guys and their product were excellent . The installer butchered the wall oven cabinet to make our Whirlpool double electric oven fit. It barely fit (with some pulling apart from the cross joints that he puttied in to cover it up). Apparently they didn't make an actual cabinet for double ovens when we bought our cabinets. So this make shift operation was the only way to go. The install continued to go bad with HD sending department managers and store managers out to fix installation problems (leaks to dishwasher, sink and ice maker and no power to the double oven-the installer had put a screw through a wire that shorted the connection). We started the job in September and it wasn't finished until Christmas Eve. If my wife had been on the phone constantly with the various people it would have taken even longer! Home Depot was paid good money for the installation and cabinets and their kitchen department guy () did little or nothing to facilitate the installation of our kitchen. We learned a great deal about the process and cabinets and we are now looking to redo our kitchen, again. Will Home Depot or Loews get the job? It depends on who has the better deal. Right now we are leaning towards Loews, since they staff their kitchen cabinet department, whereas HD doesn't. You have to schedule an appointment to talk to a designer. They have about a dozen people working the aisles of HD, but nobody staffing the kitchen design area, unless they are in for a scheduled appointment. If we have problems, we want to talk to some one with the knowledge and ability to take care of the problems, I guess you have to schedule an appointment to do that with HD. No thanks . We are most likely going to go with KraftMaid again, but with a maple or oak wood-no more thermafoil cabinets-the edges ripple or come loose from their MDF backing. The mechanisms and construction quality are very good. When we had problems with hinges or doors the KraftMaid rep took care of things in a timely fashion. Now they are out of warranty and it's time to upgrade to wood cabinets. We will go with full overlay doors (with butt doors to try and have open frames without a mid frame brace making it impossible to put away and take out large items) and plywood instead of MDF cabinet foundations, just because we can now afford to do that, even though the MDF cabinets held up perfectly. Once we line up financing we will start our project .
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I have the 1/2 ply KM cabinets in my kitchen, I upgraded to full drawer extension drawer and shelf slides and and 3/4" plywood under the sink base cabinets, they are used by 2 careful adults, and they have performed adequately. I'm not sure how will they would have held up if banged around, but that's true of all cabinets in this price range.

BTW, we installed a pantry cabinet - these receive mixed reviews, but worked out well for us.
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I also have installed a full kitchen with 3/4 ply, full extension self closing drawers. Bought them at H.D. I found them to be very well built. When I completed the kitchen it looked custom. Also H.D. was having a sale that incuded full extension self closing drawers and a sink base FREE!

One thing to remember is the backsplash, counter, floor, and lighting (including under cabinets) will all contrubute how well your kitchen turns out. What I'm trying to say is PLAN! Shop around for the best deal. You can put together a very nice kitchen that is Custom without the Custom cost. I know i did it!
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Stay away from the bottom line (true of all brands IMO), upgrade to dovetailed drawer boxes, and the undermount full entension slides, and you will get good service at an affordable price. I have installed tons of Kraftmaid cabinets over the years, and the only problems ever encountered were a few years back when they were having some quality problems with the finishes on their premium selections. This has been long resolved. Heed the advice about ordering lots of custom pieces from HD, there always seems to be stuff not ordered. If you are doing a lot of customizing in your layout, I'd recommend paying a few dollars more and dealing with a true cabinet supplier.
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