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Insulation anxiety

So...I have built a room in my basement...My basement really is only one room. If you think of how a townhouse is set up, mine is like that. There is a garage - and then a large open space that has stairs up to the main level. I have finished that room...Because walls are exterior, I bought faced insulation b/c of built in vapor barrier (and an unbeatable sale price). The garage can get really hot this time of year (b/c afternoon sun faces towards it) I put insulation with face in that wall too - between garage and room. It also gets pretty cold in winter - basically - it behaves like an exterior is my anxiety...

That wall that I insulated between my garage and the finished room holds my breaker/panel. The wall is finished/drywalled/mudded/sanded - complete... But for some reason I am still thinking about it... this is what I did... it is a 2x6 wall (where breaker is mounted) and then a 2x4 wall. I am insulating form the 2x4 is a picture...
(room on right / garage on left / panel and access on garage side)

I used r-19 for above and below breaker / and then I used r-13 for remaining area - to give breaker breathing room. Finishers (and others) said it was okay to use faced insualtion (facing is towards room away from panel)...but I have read others things too...some say paper is flamable - others say yes it is but it is on otherside of fiberglass (away from breaker) and studs it is mounted to are flamable too...and shouldn't be an issue anyway...

I also stuffed a bunch of unfaced insulation at top to act as a fireblock/draft stop. Although pic doesn't show it - there is a chase/soffit that is on the room side too... I used firefoam and blocking everywhere else in the room/walls - but it was too hard to retrofit existing wiring - that is why I stuffed the insulation.

Any opinions? Appreciate the time...
(sorry to ramble)

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