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insulating and vapor barrier in pole shed

I'm building a wood working shop in one end of a 40 year old pole building. I have installed new metal roofing as the old was starting to leak. The metal on the walls is in good shape but I know it will not be air tight. Would it be best to install a vapor barrier against the horizontal 2x4's on the inside of the walls and then install fiberglass insulation on top of it or put insulation in first and then install vapor barrier over the insulation? I will be using plywood or sheet rock for a covering on the inside of the walls.

Planning on installing metal utility panels for the ceiling under the rafters and blowing insulation on top of metal. Do I need to use a vapor barrier for this application? The interior wall I will build will only go up as high as the rafter so there will plenty of space for air to circulate above insulation in rafters.

I live in NC Iowa and a portion of the old concrete floor in this building tends to sweat a little in the spring as temperatures start to warm up but I'm hoping that by now having this new room insulated and heated will help alleviate much of this problem? Do I need to use faced fiber glass insulation or can I get by with unfaced in the walls since the insulation will not be in contact with the exterior metal walls? I do plan to put some foil insulation or styrofoam on cement in walls so fiberglass insulation does not contact the cement.
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there should be a vapour barrier on the inside of the walls and ceiling, then the batt insulation outside of that.
put the insulation in the walls first, then vapour barrier the walls and ceiling with lots of overlap and tape the joints.
install the ceiling board followed by the wall board and you should be good to go...
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Check on the site to see it a true vapor barrier is required for your area. It may be better to use the airtight drywall approach, sealing the air but not the vapor. I would not use fiberglass batts at all, esp where their backs (outside) will be touching air. They wind wash like mad. Myself, I'd use cellulose, mineral wool, or cotton batts if I used batts. It would, IMO, be a good idea to also install Typar outside of whatever insulation your use, to prevent wind washing and to give a weather resistant barrier between the elements and your insulation. Be careful w/ the foil faced foam; foam is good against concrete, but the foil is a vapor barrier in the wrong place. If you need a true vapor barrier, then, yes, it is on the warm side of the insulation, right under your sheet rock. In that case, your foil would be a second vapor barrier, which is a really bad idea.
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