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Installation of Granite Tile On Shower Walls Spacing Question.

I am gutting a bathroom and need advice on installation of granite tile.
Told to butt them together that is the right way to do it.
Told do not do that leave 1/8" space for anymovement.
If it gets butted together and if there is anymovement underneith will tiles crack or chip. And how do you grout and really not have water getting in if you butt it together. Also I don't really like regular grout. please advise if anyone has any other ideas that they have used and was successful with. Each contractor and each tile store says something else. At Witts End and want to do it right.
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Follow this and you should be oků

1) Remove existing wall coverings down to the studs.

2) Place a straight edge over the studs. If a stud is recessed, press shims behind the stud to push it out flush with the other studs. If a stud is sticking out farther than the other studs, use a hand lathe to remove the excess wood until the stud is flush with the adjacent studs.

3) Install 4-mil. plastic vapor barrier over the studs. Use a staple gun to fasten the plastic to the studs.

Install Cement Board

1) Position sheets of cement board over the vapor barrier. Place ╝-inch spacers between the tub and bottom of the cement board to keep the cement board ╝-inch away from the tub. Attach with cement board screws using a drill with a screwdriver bit.

2) Align edges of the cement board at the centers of studs. Insert screws 1 inch from the edges on an angle so the screw goes through both the cement board and the stud.

3) Cut the cement board by holding a straight edge, such as a steel builder's square, against the line to be cut by holding a utility knife against the straight edge and pressing down on the utility knife while moving it along the straight edge to score the cement board. Press the edge to be cut off away from the score.

4) Use a drill with an appropriate-sized drill bit to cut holes for plumbing through the cement board. When measuring for the plumbing holes, measure from the location for the edge of the sheet and remember to subtract ╝-inch when measuring the distance to the plumbing from the edge of the tub.

5) Remove spacers after installing the cement board.

6) Cover all seams with mesh tape. Apply a bead of caulk around pipes with a caulk gun.

7) Mix thin set mortar according to package directions. Spread a thin layer on all seams and cover the heads of all screws.

Install Granite Tile

1) Measure the width of each wall, divide the measurement in half and make a mark at that location. Place a level vertically on the mark; adjust the level until the bubble in the horizontal vial is in the center of the marks on the vial. Draw a vertical line on the wall holding the pencil against the side of the level.

2) Mark a location for the top of the tiles that is the width of a tile plus 1/8 inch from the top of the tub. Position a level horizontally on the mark; adjust the level until the bubble in the horizontal vial is in the center of the marks on the vial. Draw a horizontal line on the wall holding the pencil against the side of the level.

3) Lay out the tiles so the tiles on each side of the row will be more than one-half of a tile. Draw a line for the edges of the center tile and extend the line past the line for the top of the tiles.

4) Apply thin set mortar to cement board the width of one row of granite tiles with a notched masonry trowel.

5) Press tiles into thin set. Maintain a 1/8-inch gap between the rim of the tub and the first row of tiles. Place spacers between the tiles in at least two places to maintain a 1/16-inch grout joint between tiles. Allow the first row to set up for an hour.

6) Cut pieces as needed on the edges with a diamond blade in a wet tile saw.

7) Repeat Steps 3-5 with each subsequent row.

Grout, Seal and Caulk

1) Mix grout according to package directions. Press the grout into the space between the tiles with a grout float. Wipe off excess with a damp rag and allow drying for at least 24 hours before sealing.

2) Apply sealant according to manufacturer's directions on the chosen product label. Allow sealant to dry thoroughly before caulking.

3) Caulk the gap between the tub and bottom of the tile as well as the corners and around plumbing with a bathroom quality caulk. Allow to dry according to manufacturer's instructions before using the shower.
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I understand that current "standard" technique included applying a moisture barrier on top of cement board. Granite, grout, and cement board are not waterproof and should not be relied upon for moisture control. Using plastic behind the cement board would not be a good water barrier, and could allow water to run behind tub and into structure.

If installed with a moisture barrier on the cement board, you are not relying on the stone and grout for water control. This is good, since stone and grout are not great at this function.

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