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That looks cool!!!
We could have used something like that 2 months ago!!
30 sheets, 5/8's, 9 ft. ceilings.
2 "old", dudes, step-ladders and a "T".
We've got all the stuff to build it!
Even the casters!

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DangerMouse (12-11-2011)
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It served it's purpose well, then got recycled into the rest of the framing!

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rossfingal (12-11-2011)
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That's one clever design---I could have used a smaller version a few times to off load heavy equipment from a truck---
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I'm old and not so strong anymore. To raise the drywall for a 12 by 18 room, I used chain and T-posts with an added feature to get it up. The method is a bit slow, but it can be done by one old guy.

Refer to the graphic below. 4 ft long 2x4 have long lag bolts put in the end with the head sticking out about an inch. Two of these will be used as support boards. Near the top of the T-posts, a 3/4 inch hole is drilled and a steel plate is attached with a smaller hole large enough for the head of the lag bolt to fit through. Three will be needed.

To begin, rope is threaded through a length of chain and looped over a ceiling joist and tied at each of the positions as shown in the graphic.

The drywall sheet is set on sawhorses below where it will go. The four chains hang at the edges about 16 inches back from the end. A support board lag bolt is set in links of the hanging chain so it is suspend a couple of inches above the drywall. From the end the support board is swung out past the end of the drywall as it is raised and then the support is swung back under the sheet. Repeat on the other end.

With the drywall resting on the supports, the sawhorses are removed. Four C-clamps are used to clamp the support boards to the sheet. One end of the sheet is then raised up some and the chains on that end re-hooked at the higher level. Go back and forth between the sheet ends moving the sheet higher until it rests a few inches below the ceiling.

The clamps are removed and the T-posts are used to jam the sheet tight to the ceiling joists. The two support boards are unhooked from the chain on the side of the previously installed drywall and chains removed on that side.

The third T-post is set under the installed drywall so that the metal plate is at the edge at pointed directly across the new sheet to where one of the chains hang. The support board is hooked between the T-post and the chain about an inch below the sheet. The T-post holding the new sheet on that end is removed and the sheet rests on the support. The removed post is taken to the other end and set under the installed drywall with its plate pointed at the other chain. The other support board is hooked like at the other end and the post holding that end is removed.

The sheet can then be slid on the support boards to its correct position and the T-posts again are used to hold it tight to the joists.

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Re: Done!

You can just as easily have the folding struts collapse inward. Pull together pivot points (pulleys or gear/crank) to raise.
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Re: homemade drywall lift

Nothing like a 6 year old thread to bring back memories of members no longer posting on here.
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Re: homemade drywall lift

Originally Posted by clasact View Post
why not just go on ebay and buy one I just did got it for 124.00 and that was with shipping brand new in the box
Did that one come in 200 pieces? Better to spend another $20 and get one assembled.
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