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Joe is absolutely correct. Rainwater has to be managed outside, not inside. Water is the Universal Solvent, and given enough time, will break down anything. Block walls, (especially Cinder Block) not excepted. Were I you, I would check your grade adjacent to the house and get everything running away. Add flexible extensions on downspouts.

Find out what is going on with that pipe in the basement and terminate it. Maybe a rubber expansion plug? You cant run your washer to nowhere. It has to go into your sanitary sewer.

I would guess that the previous owner drilled those holes to allow water to drain down through the floor. Then did a Half Baked job on the outside of the foundation.

Not sure why you are calling a parge coat a Lathe, which is a machine for turning metal or wood, but maybe you mean Lath. Like in lath and plaster, which you certainly would not use on the exterior.

I absolutely dispise waterproofing companies that put drainage on the inside of a home and coat the inside walls. This condemns your foundation to death In my opinion.
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running washer/sump pump discharges into sanitary systems is a LARGE no-no in most communities,,, it must be discharged on TOP of ground,,, most waste-wtr treatment plants aren't design'd to handle addl waste wtr

in fairness to wtrproofers, they work to make a living,,, don't know of any that won't 1st suggest exterior work,,, usually just after hearing the $, they help prospect up off the floor then offer the 1st ' drop ' - the interior sub-floor perimeter ' french drain ',,, in the end, the customer always decides & signs contracts

hint - co's usually have a set $ for work - ext, int, whatever - its call'd ' par ' & is job's min $,,, the 1st price always incl ' bounce ',,, IF the buyer signs ' over par ', co's split ' overage ' ( addl $ over par ) w/' inspector ' ( salesman ),,, think cops carry guns to protect us ?, salesmen want bonus $ as do employers,,, roofer/siding men play the same as that's where the $ are,,, its a ' game ' - whoever blinks 1st loses

if no sale on the 1st call, the co calls again &, often, sends a different inspector who'll offer the work at a lower $ because ( fill in the blank ) but still over par,,, this is all call'd ' negotiation ',,, we had 1 salesman who ( 1 nite went w/him to learn ) got the customer to cancel their order w/another co, sold our sys @ more $, & even told customer he didn't know how it work'd but it did,,, i never EVER complain'd again when signing his bonus checks,,, he was GREAT !

'par' salesmen to not last w/companies

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Here it is MANDATORY to run the washer discharge into the sanitary sewer. The only thing you can direct elsewhere is rainwater (gutters and sump).
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