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amakarevic 02-23-2011 03:12 PM

fascia alum flashing and drip edge questions
1. i am wrapping my fascia in aluminum trim flashing and, since there is one right angle fold legthwise (between the soffit and the fascia), was wondering if i should go acquire a metal bender or can just sort of smith it edged with a hammer.

2. should drip edge be tucked inside the fascia flashing or go over the top of it? i am inclined to think the latter. also should it go on top of the roof OSB sheathing or on top of the tar paper, or even the shingle itself (inclined to think the 2nd of the three options is correct) ?


HomeSealed 02-23-2011 03:57 PM

Gutter apron or drip edge should be on the wood, with ice and water shield, then underlayment, then shingle over it. On the other side, the drip edge goes OVER the facia. .... On your first question, I'm having a hard time visualizing that, but I'd never attempt to bend metal with a hammer... Based on your questions, I'd highly recommend doing a bit more research or getting some professional assistance before you start this project. Mistakes on a roof can be VERY costly.

CharlieO 02-23-2011 04:22 PM

First the facia metal is very tough to bend by hand and have it look good get a brake ( bender).
Think of anthing to do with water protection ( siding Roofing etc), like this: start at the bottom and work your way up!
visualize how the water will flow from the top. so in your case facia first topped by the drip edge topped by the ice & water then the shingle, then the ridge cap, if it is a gable roof the rake (side edge) you put the drip edge over the underlayment, so if water blows between the shingle and drip edge it gets on the underlayment and comes out ontop of the lower drip edge.

Note: if you live in an area with ice, and you are wrapping the facia and installing a gutter, I would put a I & Water on the lower edge of the roof folded down on to the facia before installing anything else, this way if you get ice up under the drip edge the facia and lower edge of sheathing are protected.

Tom Struble 02-24-2011 07:58 AM

you can buy pre bent facia and drip edge at most roofing supply stores

amakarevic 02-24-2011 03:20 PM

ice and water shield

Originally Posted by HomeSealed (Post 596647)
Gutter apron or drip edge should be on the wood, with ice and water shield, then underlayment, then shingle over it.

what do you mean by "ice and water shield" ? i was gonna put tar paper over the sheathing (19/32 OSB board), then shingle over the tar paper, i.e. 3 layers. is something else also needed ?


DexterII 02-24-2011 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by amakarevic (Post 597258)
what do you mean by "ice and water shield"

This is a product that is used in home construction, in place of felt for the first row or two, depending on the overhang, as an added protection against ice dam damage. It can be a real pain to put down the first time or two, because it has an adhesive backing, and sticks to itself real good if you are not careful with it. You would have to check with your local building department, to see if it is required for your shed, or not. I can't remember how much of it comes in a roll, but there might be enough to just do the entire roof with it, and forego the felt. Next time at your local lumber yard or big box, you may want to drop by the book sectionhave a selection of very reasonably priced books that show a lot of the things that you have run into on your project, including details such as ice and water shield.

CharlieO 03-01-2011 10:04 AM

Depending on where you live, the codes are different, in the colder areas, you want to install snow and ice guard up the roof at least 3' past the exterior wall, so if you have a 2' over hang you need to go at least 5' up the roof ( some places require 6'), also run it up the gable end and in the valley's.
In the warmer climates, they use what is know as peel and stick, it is a thinner version of the snow & ice, and you use it on the entire roof in place of felt (tar) paper, because it adheres directly to the sheathing, and will not come off if the shingle blow off, so you still have a layer of protection. Also this stuff moulds it self around the nail holes to help stop water there too!
I do not use felt paper at all any more, snow & ice on the tough areas and peel & stick on the rest.
Its a little more money but well worth the investment.

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