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builditbig 03-07-2014 08:11 PM

Cutting Blocking Between Rafters
I figured out my plan for raising my rafter ties, but now I have another question related to this.

There is blocking between the rafters on top of the top plate. To get a proper seat for the ties on one wall, I need to notch out 4 of those blocks so I can slide one end of the 2x4 tie fully onto the top plate. Otherwise, only 1"-2" will be resting on the top plate.

What is the best way to either cut those blocks out and replace with shorter blocks or to notch the existing blocks shorter leaving them in place. There is stucco on the house so on the outside of those blocks the stucco is up against the blocks and wrapped around the top side on some. So I'd have to be able to remove or cut them without damaging the stucco, hopefully.

I was thinking a reciprocating saw with a long blade, but then I don't think I can do that without damaging the stucco. But I've yet to try.

Thanks in advance!

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