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Best time to install interior doors and baseboards?

Hi Everyone,

I am finishing up my basement and I am wondering if I should be putting my prehung interior doors and baseboards in before or after my flooring? (I would rather put them in first if possible)

I have two scenarios:

1) Carpet on both sides of the door:
I assume in this case I can install both the doors and the baseboards before the carpet?

2) Carpet on one side, laminate on the other
Can I install the doors first in this case and the baseboards after on the laminate side of the door?

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Ceilings, then walls, then flooring, then baseboards last works best for me. Po)

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Prehung doors come with long side jambs that raise the door off the floor. You would modify the legs based on finished flooring and door swing. Or you could leave them long and install a saddle to take up the space.
The molding issue depends on the size. A small base molding gets smaller with a carpet and padding covering the bottom. A larger(4-6") base would not be an issue. There might be paint touch ups needed after the carpet is installed.
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I would install the doors before any flooring went in and you may have to do some extra work on the door jamb bottoms, like use a jamb saw to cut the jamb so the flooring will go under the jamb. Another thing to consider is if you are using the thin flooring will be the height of the door bottom from your flooring.

Most doors use to have about 1 1/4 inch clearance from the bottom of the door to the bottom of the jamb. Most hardwood flooring was 3/4 inch thick and the jamb was set right on the subfloor or underlayment. The flooring installers would cut the bottom of the jamb so the flooring would slide under the jamb. This would leave 1/2 inch clearance from the flooring to the bottom of the door. The base would be installed the thickness of the hardwood flooring plus about 1/16- 1/8th inch so it would allow the floor to slide under the base.

Another note here, the hardwood will not install tight to the wall but will install at least 1/2 inch away to allow for expansion. That is the reason the base is held up an extra 1/16-1/8th inch so the flooring will not expand against the base but will expand under it. There will be shoe or 1/4 round installed when there is hardwood flooring and be sure not to nail into the flooring when installing the shoe or 1/4 round.

When I installed doors, where there was carpet, I would cut 1/2 inch off the jambs and hold the jambs 1/2 inch off the floor so the carpet could be installed under it. The base is usually held up off the floor 1/2 inch where carpet can be installed under it also.
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