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basements, drylock vapor barrier??

Wow, I'm confused. Just read some posts NOT to use drylock, then just spoke to a friend that drylocked his basement walls before finishing.

Does buildingscience address this? It talks about vapor coming and going thru the walls, but won't drylock mess this up? Then again Won't preventing vapor coming thru the wAll be a good thing?

Gutters, pitch, landscaping all done to help on the outside, then:

What would be the problem of poured concrete, drylock, 2"XPS, 1" space for wavey walls, PT with plastic under and also between wood framing, and then Drywall??

Would drylock be a little insurance against a future leak, or weeping?

The XPS will prevent condensation from interior to bare wall...drylock will help with moisture coming in, in summer.

Like I said, I'm confused....
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Drylock won't stop anything permanently and will adversely effect the ying and yang of moisture going through the wall.
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I agree with Ron.

Dryloc will prevent moisture from entering where it has been applied thick enough. Not being able to enter there, it will travel to another area with less resistance, and enter there. Many times this is the joint at the slab/wall where you probably don't have a good seal. And now it's concentrated, even pooling, even harder to pass the frame wall/insulation as moisture. So you concentrated your moisture, not eliminated it. Better to let it through to the inside (slowly with 2" f.b.), drying indoors. Summertime, the vapor barrier (Drylok) will stop indoor moisture from going out above grade. Foam is a vapor retarder, Dryloc is a vapor barrier:
No v.b. below grade:

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