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Basement wall bowing and leaking

I have a basement wall that is bowing and leaking, steel beams have been installed, but it doesn't look good to prospective home buyers. My Grandpa and mortgage holder wants to poor another wall in front of the existing one. It would be 4" thick, 4' high in between the support beams. Has anyone ever heard of this before? He says that it will make it water proof and look better, but I've never heard of it before and I can't find any information on it. I'm hoping that there are easier and cheaper ways of fixing leaks. The wall that is there is block.
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Cheap is not something you use in fixing a bowing basement wall. It should be diagnosed by someone that understands such things to find out why, and the problem correctly fixed, even if it involes rebuilding the wall.
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The prescribed fix would be useless. The interface of concrete and steel would allow water to pass through. Sounds like you need a soil engineer to determine the cause of the outside pressure and a structural engineer for the wall.
Cheap, will not be the operative word.

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This is two independent problems, the deformed wall, and leaking.

Ground movements may have broken your wall. You may need to excavate the soil outside the wall in question, all the way down to the footing. While you are at it, install a perimeter drain system and pit and sump pump to take care of ground water. The repour the wall and backfill the soil outside.

Rainwaster and gutter water must not lap up against the house. If you have this problem, fix it before doing anything else.
Stick to your lawn watering schedule until it really pours. Otherwise the storm might miss and the part that gets watered last (3 days away?) will dry up.
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too bad whoever did the original beam reinforcement didn't inform the owner about invisible wall pins - see my w/site for info,,, excavation may be nec as posted,,, ea problem should be addressed individually however both can be done on the same mobilization.
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maybe same source

IMO, the bowing and the leaky may be from the same source. Too much water outside a wall can push it in. Obviously, as stated, you need to solve the problem, not change the attempted cure. Unless you find something like a drain spout that is dumping tons of water right along the wall, yes, the fix may be spendy. GL. j
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basement wall

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