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Thanatos 03-06-2011 04:51 PM

balcony supports
once again a simple project has turned into a nightmare, i am currently working on repainting my 4 columns out front of my 2 story house, among some of the items i needed to fix i noticed i have alot of wood rot so after cleaning everything up i focused on getting as much of the rotted wood out so i can use the hardener and 2 pt wood filler to fix, here lies the problem the more i scraped and cleaned out the rotted wood the larger it became until soon it was obvious i was going to have to replace entire sections of wood, thinking that the 2x8's were just covering up the center support for the upstairs balcony i figured i would cut off the bottom section and replace with a new pc but once it was off i noticed A: all 4 sides were rotted B:there is no center support. so i stopped and now i am looking for somekind of stand to support my balcony, ahern is not much help since i dont know what they are called, so heres my question what is the name of a support i can use for my balcony and is my thought of replacing entire pieces with new wood then filling hole with concrete to prevent water from pooling up in hole (like i had found) the best route to take i am already at a point where i think i can do this on my own but anything more technical and i will have to call in the calvary thanks in advance for any help provided

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