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Attach ledger to vinyl sided house

I was hoping to get some expert advise on the correct way to attach a ledger board to a vinyl sided house.

My house is a newly constructed house within the past 10 years. It was constructed with 2 X 4 framing, regular exterior particle board sheeting. It has 4 X 8 sheets of celotex insulation board over top and then what I think is double dutch lap vinyl siding.

After the house was built I added a 22' wide 12' deep treated deck, myself, onto the back of the house. Just for reference I had the contractor install ledger to the first floor rim joist and then I built everything else off of it so I did not have to deal with that part. I made a free standing support ledger about 10' from the back of the house in which the deck cantilevers over. It is railed and has two stair cases, one going down to ground level from one side and the other going down to a second level deck I constructed a couple of years later.

For the first few years we used a canvas awning over the deck which attached to the house using an aluminum channel which screwed directly into the vinyl siding of the house. The awning came with a frame which I had to erect each year. One year the wind took it and it was destroyed, since then we haven't used the deck very much.

I would like to now make a more permenent covering for over the deck. The wife and I were thinking of a slanted pergola style roof with support beams to hold the front. We were thinking of then using a canvas over the frame.

I was thinking that 2 X 4 construction for the ledger and roof framing (16" on center) with 4 X 4 post supports in the front would be sufficient.

My concern is primarily with mounting the ledger board to the house. My intentions are to mount it at the level of the second floor rim joists. I also am assuming that I would definitely want to cut my vinyl siding and celotex to mount directly to the sheeting. I do not however know the proper technique for sealing properly around the ledger. Should I use J channel only?

Could someone please give me their opinions or experiences in doing this. Any advise would really be appreciated. I was hoping to start work this weekend.


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You'll need a piece of Z-flashing that tucks under the siding and extends to the edge of the ledger.

Depending on the slope of your pergola, you'll want a 2x6 ledger so your 2x4 "rafters" bear entirely on the ledger. Your 2x4 rafter will be wider than 3.5" once you make your plumb cut.

Make sure you attach to the studs and framing behind the sheathing and not just the sheathing.

Are you planning to leave the canvas up year round? What is your snow load like?

How are you going to set your 4x4 posts to support your beam?

Do you have a drawing we could see? Photos of the existing deck?

Are you sure you want to start this weekend?
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The canvas would be taken down each year. The snow is hit or miss from year to year.

As far as the support posts for the front end, I was going to mount them at the location where the main support beam underneath is, to transfer the load down thru to the concrete piers/footers.

Would the z flashing go in the top as you say and then over the flashing would I then put J channel around the whole raw edge of the cut vinyl siding? Could you please do some sort of profile drawing from the side, to explain how the flashing fits in place against siding/celotex.

Attached are pictures showing main beam support and the location on the wall where I wish to mount the ledger.
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when attaching a ledger to a a house with vinyl siding, you first have to remove the siding where the ledger will be.. once removed the ledger gets attached to the house with lag bolts which are driven into either the floor ribbon or studs. from there a cap flashing gets installed with tucks up under the house wrap not just the siding. this can be either a vinyl flashing or custom bent aluminum

from there you have to install j-channel around the ledger so your siding can tuck into
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