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Wiring lights with power coming into first light

I'm not sure why I can't figure this out, but I'm having trouble getting this circuit to work properly. I have power into the first light box, then to a second light, then down to the switch. Can anyone tell me the correct wiring for this? I'm pretty sure the power goes through the light boxes down to the switch and then comes back on the neutral but I'm having trouble with the wiring.
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ok when you bring the power to the first luminaire with XX-2 NM or loomex cable then between the two luminaires you will need XX-3 NM or loomex cable I will fill the details in a second. then from second luminaire to switch box you will need XX-2 NM or loomex cable.

This how will be wired at the first luminaire all the white is wirenutted together now this will get little tricky incomming power black to black {XX-3}wirenutted.

Then take the luminaire black to XX-3 red and wirenutted and do the same thing with XX-3 however this will change a bit so please follow this one carefull the white from XX-3 to luminaire white and wirenutted together and leave that aside now take the black XX-3 to white XX-2 { you will have to remark this one.

Now with black XX-2 will go with red xx-3 and black luminaire and wirenutted together.

done with that part let go to the switch box now with XX-2 the white conductor it have to be remarked with black tape or marker { I rather use marker or shrinktube one of two is legit } and hook up the switch in conventail way.

And all the ground bare and green are wirenutted together.

If you have more question just holler.

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Alternate wiring method (generalized for any number of lights including where the lights are not all in a line).

Use three wire cable between the light box where the power comes in and the light box where the switch cable will be connected. Use two wire cable for all the rest of the wiring.

1. Connect bare and green wires together for grounding

2. Except for the hot power feed black, connect all the blacks together.

3. Except for the cable going down to the switch, connect all the whites together.

4. Connect the remaining loose ends including reds in the light boxes together, color mismatch may occur.

Wherever a white wire is connected to a switch or to a colored wire, mark both ends with colored tape or stain.

Alternate alternate method for future proofing and 2011 code:

Use 3 wire cable down to the switch. Connect all whites together is unconditional. Connect red and black to the switch and the white going down there permits daisy chaining power further on from there.
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