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running new wire

My house was built in 1896, the year Utah became a state. It has been updated over the years but I am doing a full update and brining everything in the house up do code. Currently I'm drywalling the 600 sq foot upstairs. In the possess I have discovered that the whole upstairs is still powered by node and tube. Luckily it all looks like it's still in good shape and not posing a immediate hazard, but I would like to replace is during the project. I have access to look under the sub floor in the eves of the attic. I can see where the wires are run and they look pretty straight forward. My question is would it be possible to run new wires with out taking up the sub floor, or would pulling the sub floor make it that much easier for it to be worth it? I'm planning on putting a new one down on top of the old one so if it needs to come up it's not a huge mess, just one more step. My guess that there is still old wiring running to the lights for the first floor and I would put money that there are no junction boxes where the lights are mounted to the ceiling. Should I pull it all up and update everything I can get access to?
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AFAIK, you can leave whatever old wiring you can't remove there and just run the new stuff to replace it without worrying too much.

It seems like as long as you're doing a new subfloor on top of the old, you can cut into the old stuff in certain key locations and just patch/cover as needed.
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I would pull up the floor and start all over again. You can fish cables, but in your circumstance, I would pull it up, remove all the old wiring and install the new cables nice and neat.
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Tom's right, you can just leave it in place. However, I'm with JV. You say it's no big deal to pull the floor, so pull it. You'll make your life much simpler and have a much cleaner job in the end.
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Another benefit to pulling the floor... You might find something interesting in a 113 year old house. Sometimes you find something valuable poking around and old one like that.

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be careful when you start to decommission the old K&T. It may be interconnected in a counterintuitive manner or in covert locations.

I made one K&T circuit obsolete, by running new romex. But when I disconnected the K&T; it shut off power to another unrelated part of the house. Whoops, guess I didn't know they were related - after all, they were isolated geographically and it was impossible to deduce or understand what was going on without getting out the crow bar and letting the wall have it.

I'm pro- complete removal for two reasons 1. this eliminates risks relating to partially decommission and 2. while copper is no longer at historic highs - the scrap yard will still pay you something.
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