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rewiring a basement bathroom - check my wiring please

I am remodeling my basement bathroom and along with it, the wiring. I want to make sure I've got this right:

- 1, 20 amp circuit (#12 wire) going to a GFCI outlet near the sink
- 1, 15 amp circuit (#14 wire) going to 3 overhead lights and fan

Is there anything in the code about running wire near pipes, like wire has to be x" from a water pipe or something?

As far as I'm aware, the GFCI outlet just needs to be within 36" of the lip of the sink, right? The sink is in a corner and the existing outlet is on the corner wall, where the shower resides on the opposite side. That's fine right? I can move it to the wall that the sink is on. In that case it would be between the toilet and sink. Any special distance requirements far a toilet?

Regarding the light switch for the room. The door is in a corner. Normally the light switch would be on the inside wall just next to the opening. Currently, it's not. It's on the wall perpendicular to the opening wall. So, you open the door all the way, and the switch is just past the end of the door. Is that okay? I could move it to a more normal location, but that put's it very close to the shower. Any rules about how far away from a tub/shower a switch needs to be, or something like that? Can I put the switch on the outside wall, in the adjoining room?

Thanks all.
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your really testing me here, cuz im not the best with code but i'll take a stab at it. Your plan for the circuits is fine. dedicated 20A circuit for the bathroom GFCI, lights don't matter for circuit size. nothing about running wires next to water pipes, but you can't share a hole with a water pipe. Yes, the receptacle just needs to be within 36" of the sink, i can't find anything about showers, so someone else will have to answer that one. Don't think there is anything regarding toilets either. And light switch loactions are up to you. Nothing says they have to be in a perticular place in a room
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If you run a single 20amp circuit to the bathroom tyou can run the lights off it too, as long as the curcuit does NOT service any other bathrooms. Seems like over kill to run a 20amp for 1 gfi recep and then a 15amp for 3 lights...

run a single 20 and have the lights wired from the LINE side of the gfi.
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