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Brandon19 10-06-2009 09:43 AM

Remote light switch? Do they exist?
I have two areas in my basement where I need something creative.

One area is that I have a light at the top of a staircase, but not one at the bottom. So if you are spending time at the bottom, you have to go up the stairs, turn the light off, then go back down in the dark.

Another is a room in my basement where the light switch is on the opposite wall for some reason. I'd like to have a switch right by the door like normal rooms.

Is there remote three way switches available? Like a switch I could just stick on the wall and it sends IR or radio waves to the wired switch to turn lights on/off at both locations? Or am I dreaming...

I know I could just wire another, but I do not posses the skills and would rather not poke holes all over the place and run lines.

Any ideas?

Billy_Bob 10-06-2009 10:02 AM

There are all sorts of different gizmos. Might poke around at the following web sites...

(Warning! If you are a gadget freak, looking at the following pages could cost you a small fortune! :) )


Brandon19 10-06-2009 10:34 AM

oh my.

that x10 website should have an epilipsy disclaimer on it

J. V. 10-06-2009 10:48 AM

Well at least your honest about your skill level and your laziness. Just kidding about the laziness. They have remote controls for ceiling fans and lights. Most dim too. So, I would bet you could get most anything you would want. Start at the box stores and work your way to lighting galleries. I'm certain you will find something that works for you.

Google It!

Brandon19 10-06-2009 12:05 PM

Nice, yeah those fan remotes are hard wired aren't they. I looked for a while at Rona(Canadian store like Home Depot) but I didn't check the fan aisle. I'll take another look at a Home Depot and see what I can find.


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