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Power Failure

In kitchen only getting a quick power failure to microwave oven and range oven (not on same outlet) 2nd time in a week and then it's OK again. I checked breakers and they look good. Should I start trouble shooting at the outlets or could the refrigerator which is on the same outlet as the microwave be part of the problem? This old lady needs advice and thanks experts very much.

doc wilson
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Re: Power Failure

Are you sure the fridge and microwave are on the same breaker or are they on 2 breakers that go off together or one breaker that is wider than the rest.

Range oven, is lie a full sized stove that plugs into a 240 outlet?
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Re: Power Failure

Welcome to the forums. Post over in the electrical section as well.
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Re: Power Failure

Moved to electrical.
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Re: Power Failure

What size is the breaker? It will have a number on it like 15 or 20. It's likely that even though the appliances are not all on the same outlet they are still on the same circuit.

The fridge draws a bit of power, but when you turn on the microwave and/or the range, you're drawing more than 1800 watts, which is what a 15A circuit can handle before tripping.
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Re: Power Failure

Fridge, microwave and oven ?
You have far too much load on this circuit.
No wonder it's blowing.
Just because you have gotten away with it in the past,
Doesn't mean it's ok
Most kitchens now have dedicated circuits for just the microwave.
And often another dedicated for the fridge,
which saves nuisance blows spoilling food.
Easiest option is run another circuit to your microwave.
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Re: Power Failure

It can be a shared breaker or it can be arcing inside one of the outlets and the latter is a fire hazard. If I were you I would pay an electrician to check out the box and the breaker.

On a separate note the older panels do not have arc-fault sensing breakers and so arcing in a box is more of a concern. On the other hand the arc fault breakers are more prone to "nuisance" tripping.
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