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Very true and I think the best move is just wait until the OP reply to our question so we can make the next move.

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You do not want a single three way switch at the top of the stairs to control both banks of lights and separate three way switches at the bottom of the stairs for each bank.

Otherwise you may have a situation where you flip the top switch and one bank goes on and the other bank goes off and you have to go downstairs to synchronize them.

However you can have a single master switch that turns everything off from upstairs and that overrides everything doenstairs.

When setting up a second pair of 3 way switches for the second bank, run a 3 wire cable directly from one switch to the other switch. If the best route goes past the light fixture, run the 3 wire cable past the outside of the light box.

In order to have 3 way dimming you must do one of:
1. Run power to one of the 3 way switch locations,
2. Run a 3 wire cable from the switch location up to where power is, in addition to the 3 wire cable between the switches. It may be necessary to run 3 wire cable between some of the light fixtures to accomplish this.

Treat this as two separate projects:
1. Splitting the lights into two banks, including separate switches for each bank,
2. Installing dimmers.

You can start by disconnecting the individual fixture (luminaire) wires from the original wires (to become bank #1 wiring) entering the light box and continuing on and replacing the wire nuts on the latter, at the fixtures to become bank #2.

Then make sure bank #1 still works.

Then add brand new wiring for bank #2.

It is possible that some of the light fixture boxes may become too crowded. YOu may have to remove some of the bank #1 wiring from bank #2 fixtures and replace that with longer wires that skip past the outside of the respective bank #2 fixtures (or take a more direct route). For example lights 1---2---3 may be rewired as 1-__2__-3 where fixture 2 is in bank 2. (You may not remove the ends of bank #1 wiring from a bank #2 fixture and wire nut it back together outside the box.)
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Thanks to all for your posts.

Just my @#$% out of bed and I am going over them now (been thinking about it all most of the night).
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