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rayt 10-05-2009 05:46 PM

Pool room subpanel

In construction process right now of an indoor pool.

The pool equipment room will have it's own subpanel for the pump, lights, pool cover motor and purifier. Intermittent max of about 45 amps, consistently about 20.

The pool pump will be hard wired 220, everything else is 110.

Question is can I simply use a large GFCI on the main panel to feed the subpanel or do I have to use individual GFCI breakers for each piece of equipment?

No local codes or inspections here but I wnat this to be safe.


Scuba_Dave 10-05-2009 06:04 PM

Better off with individual GFCI's
Other wise if something trips the GFCI everything shuts off & very hard to determine what caused it to trip

Outlets & lights can be protected by GFCI outets
Pool pump will need a GFCI
There may not be Inspections where you are, but everywhere in the US is covered by the Electric & building codes

There are very specific rules/codes for installation of a pool inside in regards to electric
Covers the placement of outlets, lights & "grounding" system for the pool

Section 680 covers installation:

J. V. 10-06-2009 11:55 AM

Have you ever wired a pool before? This is not generally a DIY project. If you are an electrician or apprentice let us know. This is a job for professionals in most every circumstance. There are exceptions.

MI-Roger 10-06-2009 12:17 PM

Having wired my own in-ground pool 20+ years ago........
I can say with experience that it is not a job for a beginner. My pool has no lighting, no powered cover, and no receptacles anywhere near the pool, all items which make things much more difficult. I only had to concern myself with the GFCI protected 240VAC feed to the pump and the bonding off all metallic pool equipment.

You say you don't have inspectors, but as soon as you buy the 8GA bare copper wire for bonding everyone will know you are installing a pool. You may find yourself visited by everyone in the area who thinks they are the electrical AHJ.

I would not hardwire the pool pump. Pumps and motors fail. Using a water/corrosion resistant twist-lok receptacle & plug with a short power cord to the pump motor will make all future maintenance MUCH easier - assuming the latest code still allows this.

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