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Re: Please detail what's wrong with this fuse box. Homeowner wants new Breaker Panel.

Originally Posted by mm11 View Post

You're on a DIY forum, fishing for info, while doing electrical work on other peoples homes.

As a handyman.

Pretending that you have some 'other licensed partner' who is conveniently always too busy so you're doing the 'legwork'.

Your reply doesn't pertain to my question for Jim Port, and I don't remember saying that he's "always" too busy (my partner). I did a quick scan for that, but didn't see anything. I'm confident I said that he's "not always accessible." I just thought it was important to point that out in this particular case, and sometimes I do the same for other cases involving higher safety risks, so I don't have to continually answer when (jumped-to) conclusions are reached. I'm not trying to hide anything, and never have.

Actually, the man (my partner) will even take my calls while he's at work, when practical for him, but I only do that when really necessary. Why is he willing? Because I give him jobs that I shouldn't be doing, like installing an electric furnace, modifying branch circuit designs; not to mention replacing a fuse box. And recently... installing a new air-conditioning condenser unit plus evaporator coil. In many cases , when necessary, he will come out and I will work with and for him.

I've already identified what looks to me be an appropriate new panel for this resident's fuse box (was going to post a pic of it in here), but told the resident just last night I wouldn't be able to do that work because I'm not licensed.

Pretending? I really don't understand why statements & insults like that are permitted in here without proof.

You bet I would have replaced that outlet for him, and on the spot. It was seriously unsafe and still is. And as mentioned previously, I also help mobile home residents with problem circuits such as excessive amp draw because of a space heater or two, three, and in one extreme case... four.

I use a line splitter, clamp meter, and a burned/melted socket from a mobile home fire (sometimes their own melted sockets) to provide maximum impact of just how lucky they've been so far. I think it's quite probable in some cases that I have prevented serious property damage, or worse, for these people who would otherwise have nobody to even make them aware of the impending disaster in their homes... inside their outlets, switchboxes
(cover plates that are warm and reveal arcing once the cover plate is removed), sometimes audible arcing (the buzzing) before the cover plate is removed... audible if you're close enough to it). Sometimes those switchboxes contain drywall dust.

I could go on and cite other examples that you probably wouldn't believe (I would be pretending, right?). I could hardly believe it when I saw one resident's replacement of a wall receptacle where a space heater was used.

Instead of twisting the two hot wires together (they weren't long enough), he merely bent the two wire-ends into a hook-shape, much like when preparing a wire for attachment to the side terminal of a receptacle, then fashioned a circle-shaped loop and hooked those wire-ends onto the loop. No part of that "connection" wasn't even stretched tight.

As I was talking to him last night (this fuse box resident). and asking about any more fuses blowing, this time he told me that not only did my advice cure his problem of the fuse repeatedly blowing on his heater circuit, but it cured the problem of the second fuse blowing... another push-button fuse that's adjacent to the first one (no heater circuit on this second fuse). Originally he told me there was a second heater on the second circuit, but this time he says "not so." So, again what he's telling me now is that both fuses will blow (used to blow -- now they trip... the two blue push-button fuses in the pic/post #1). Am I absolutely certain they are blowing at the same time, I'm not (now realize I didn't get to clarify enough, but will real soon).

And I can tell you, with reasonable certainty, because of my age and proven (you'll have to take my word for it... or not) successful experience at "reading people" that this resident is the type to eventually place a dangerous substitute in that fuse socket. So maybe you could offer something constructive, instead of otherwise, regarding why this second fuse would blow (blow/trip the push-button), when the adjacent fuse for the heater circuit mentioned would blow/trip because of the overheated surge protector. Who knows how many times the man replaced these two fuses before replacing them with the push-button type, in order for him to continue on and on with his "resetting" routine.

I've already identified what looks to me be an appropriate new panel for his fuse box, but told the resident just last night I wouldn't be able to do that work because I'm not licensed, and there could be a hidden problem with his wiring that I'm not qualified to troubleshoot, but wouldn't do it myself anyway. However, I will be talking to my partner about this job and the second fuse blowing this evening.

I've never felt there's anything wrong with what I'm doing. I've been posting on this site for over seven years, and I've never tried to hide anything. However, because of how proud you apparently are of your reply ("Oookkaayyy"), I'm confident you will attempt to contradict and pick it all apart as much as you possibly can, and at every opportunity.

However, for as long as this thread continues to be OPEN, be my guest, but before the thread is closed, maybe you could let Jim Port speak for himself, or maybe you could speak to the "both fuses blowing/tripping issue" mentioned above.
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Thx, Ducky

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