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Originally Posted by geezer View Post
AHA! Well, the electricians back in June/July suggested replacing the power strips, but did not specify non-surge protection. As you explained this, it makes sense, but that means we can't have surge protection for compuers, TVs, and other electronics? Most of those devices recommend surge protection. And, my bells-and-whistles treadmill requires a surge protector for its warranty. Maybe the incoming line voltage is noisy?
You could put a whole house surge protector on before byour AFCI's then they wouldnt be affected by it if that is your concern. However I personally have surge strips on circuits at my house with no problems
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Yes ah ha!!!!

I'll bet surge protectors and surges ARE the cause of many of these AFCI problems. Good post!

Might want to experiment and see if removing a surge protector also removes the tripping problem on that circuit.

Also you can get a "whole house surge protector" at the main panel, then perhaps this would keep the surges out of your system?

And you could then also have the surge protector power strips at each outlet, but because the surges would be caught at the main panel, the outlet protectors would not activate? (I have no idea, I'm just guessing...)

Then another thing which could happen... Surge protectors "turn on" at a certain voltage like at 330 volts...

And electronic components are rated at a certain "tolerance". So that 330 volts component could have a tolerance of + or - 10%. (+ or - 33 volts.)

Thus you could get a surge protector at the main panel which turns on at 340 volts and a power strip protector which turns on at 320 volts. (Or the other way around.)

Or one outlet surge protector power strip might turn on at 320 volts, another at 330 volts, and another at 360 volts!

I should think you would want the main panel surge protector to turn on at a lower voltage than ANY of the power strip surge protectors.
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Are there circuits that are tripping that do not have surge strips plugged in? That might be one way to rule out if the strips are part of the problem.
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Originally Posted by Jim Port View Post
Thanks for the info. Although it is in writing I still don't agree. There should be a field test other than a test button. It is sort of like relying on the test button on a smoke detector. All that tells me is that the test button works. A more sound test is canned smoke, although most fire departments won't mandate this because of liabilities.

thanks again
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