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Neutral wire and Ground wire hooked together

I was just getting ready to replace a outlet 3 wire,
but, had a surprise, the ground screw has a short jumper, and it
goes to the White Neutral screw, when checking this out let the
three prong plug in tester said the outlet was wired correctly.
But, that sure isn't the case, the house is a 1964 vintage, and
most every outlet is a two wire, is this grd jumper to Neutral good,
bad, or dangerous, ? ? again, I only have two wires to most of
the junction boxes, what is my correct option to follow. ? PIGEONS
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If you need the grounding, then a wire needs to be run from each receptacle that you want grounded back to the panel.
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Very bad. You also had some reversed polarity outlets you talked about in another thread, right? When those two problems are combined, you get 120v on the shell of any grounded appliance or tool you plug in.

Your options are: Replace with two-prong outlet, replace with GFCI outlet, run separate ground wire back to the panel and install 3-prong outlet, or run all new wiring back to the panel and install 3-prong.
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DANGEROUS !!!! This should never be done. The neutral is a current carrying conductor and connecting it to the ground screw of a device puts anything connected to that device ground at the same potential as the load on that circuit. Even if polarity is correct this can kill you or someone else.
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Remove the jumper between the ground screw and the neutral screw, leaving the wire connected to the neutral screw.

For several receptacles daisy chained together you can replace just the first receptacle with a GFCI receptacle. Alternatively (more expensive) you can substitute a GFCI breaker down in the panel. Label each groundless receptacle with "No Equipment Ground" (very temporary pending imminent stringing of ground wire) or "No Equipment Ground, GFCI Protected" as applicable.
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