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Originally Posted by okedomantakeshi View Post
thank you so much for good advice everybody.

I had checked continuity for dryer cord and everything was ok.
the ground plug had continuity to green cord, the neutral L-shaped plug
had a continuity to white cord and so on.
About the voltage at the connection of the back of the dryer, when I switched around ground and neutral, the voltage reading between red terminal of dryer and white terminal of dryer(I hooking up ground cord to it) went down from 240v to 120v.between black terminal and ground terminal(hooking up neutral cord) was 120v. and the dryer worked normally( i put my loundry in it and it dried perfect).
It is so weird but i'm telling you the truth.

I thought since the white neutral wire and ground wire were connected to
the same iron bar next to breakers, neutral wire can be ground and ground wire can be neutral. I don't know who's going to decide neutral or ground
but I thought it is possible. it's so weird. What's the difference between neutral and ground ?
Your neutral (white) wire probably has a crack through the conductors inside the insulation where you cannot see it. Bending a moving the white over to the ground screw likely caused the crack to close and make contact again. Your dryer would not work with the white connected where it is supposed to be connected and the ground connected where it was supposed to be connected. You moved the ground over to the neutral terminal and the dryer worked. It worked because you have a issue with that white wire and the black wire. If you continue to have the white connected to the dryer ground screw you risk electrocution.....hope that is clear enough. Ditch that dryer cord and get a new one !!

Yes.. you may have received a good continuity test on the white wire in the cord but I'm telling you it is not.. OK .. maybe a strand or two still connected where it is broken. You could not have had 240 volts between red and white and 0 volts between black and white if that neutral white wire was OK.

Neutral and ground are supposed to be connected together at the panel that contains the first means of disconnect for the service to your home. For the reasons explained by Frenchy. Electricity can't tell colors of wires it doens't care. That's why the ground allowed the dryer to work because it is electrically solid from the dryer to the panel. Your white is not...and your tests indicate it is an issue with the power cord of the dryer. It can't magically change from red to white 240 volts then red to white 120 volts just because you moved it to the ground screw. It is being energized by the black wire somewhere in that cord.
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Originally Posted by retired7373 View Post
Sounds like a huge fire hazard, good luck, might want to think about having the house totally rewired

David if you are refering to my job in France it allready sheduled to rewire the whole place

I allready did the main switch centre what we called customer unit which basically a main switch with meter socket combined in there.

That place have old 32 amp main fuse in there so end up replaceing and put correct main breaker size in there 80 amp

sorry to get off topic but give the fact from me before it get out of hand with this.

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Thank you, sir.

I will get a new cord and see what's going to happen. I will let you know

and I,m going to put some photos ASAP, too. please check here next
week or so and give me some advice.
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I can't upload pictures so please forget about it.
I will ask local electrician to update my house's electrical
system. thank you so much, sir. and thank you so much
taking time for me.
hope to chat somewhere someday. thank you.
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