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need advice on electricity and wires!! any help will be greatly received

Hi there can anyone offer me any advice please....

My boyfriend and I have a sauna in our rented flat and a few weeks ago the plug would not come out of the socket, last night he pulled at it so hard that the entire unit has come off the wall and there is now just a big space with live wire hanging out of it.
This morning I stupidly touched them by the plastic casing around them to make sure they were far enough apart to not touch each other and there was a big spark at the end of the wires.
My first question is will this have done me any damage? I went to a walk in centre who check blood pressure and heart and rate and all was normal - the spark scared me a little.
and my second question is... if we put blue electricians tape over the ends of the wires will this make them a little safer until it can be fixed and is there a risk of an electrical fire suddenly happening due to these wires hanging out?
Yes I am overly cautious
many thanks!
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You're best to call an electrician as soon as you can.

It is a small job, so the cost should not be too much. And the electrician can check to be sure everything is safe inside the wall as well as at the "mains".
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The only risk of fire would be if the two wires touched & caused a spark that then started a fire in something flammable

Usually if they connect & spark the fuse then blows or the breaker trips

Turn power off to that connection - fuse / breaker ?

Then tape the ends

Here if you are renting the landlord is responsible for fixing problems

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It sounds like there was a bad/loose connection in that receptacle. This caused the plug to "weld" itself to the guts of the socket, making it impossible to unplug it safely.

From your terminology, I might guess you are not in the US, but in a different area where 240 Volts is normally used on most circuits.

If you cannot determine where the power cut off is for that circuit, you are advised to not touch those wires at all until you can get a qualified person to deal with the loose wires.

Good luck, and keep us informed on your progress

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Or perhaps it might have been a twist-lock plug?
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