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Lost Power to circut

Hi, This morning I was using my microwave, and the thing just shut off. So did the lights in a bedroom. I checked the breaker a pushmatic 20amp double pole. The one side of the breaker had been tripped but the other side was not. The one side is dedicated to the microwave outlet, and the other to a bedroom. I could not figure out why the other side of the breaker was still in the on position but no power. I replaced the breaker, and now I can't get power to the microwave or the bedroom. Both poles have 120v coming out. I checked all of the wiring "that I could see" in the attic. Nothing seems to be wrong.
Any Ideas, other than rewiring both circuits?
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You likely have a GFI on the circuit that tripped. Find and reset the GFI and see if that fixes it.
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Pushmatic breaker useally not too bad and they are one of few breakers left that they are true bolt on so there is not much can go wrong with it.

But let cut to the chase.

If you reset the breaker and if you got power there then somewhere along the circuit that you have loose netrual or hot conductor senice you mention two pole breaker this will increase alert when you do the troubleshooting loose netural if that the case please turn off the breaker for that circuits.

That part we called Multiwire branch circuit you need to pay attetion what ya doing there.

The reason why I mention that due if you loose netrual anything still on can go up high as 240 volts and can make magic smoke anytime pretty fast like poof .

The other common cuprit is backstabbing receptales that useally cause most issue with lost power situation.

If that the case you will have to move from backstabbing to the screws but make sure you watch which one is which espceally with MWBC or split receptales.

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As Marc the frenchelectrician mentioned, look for a loose wire connection, especially the neutral, at all points on the circuit. Refer to this link I posted...this is what I found on a circuit that had a microwave plugged into the receptacle. Microwaves are 'high-draw' appliances and can easily damage a loose neutral wire/connection. 'Back-stabbing' and improper terminations on screws are likely candidates to look for. Refer to the photos.


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