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Long run of conduit for underwater pool light/switch

I am finally getting around to re-running the circuit for the LED light that is in the deep end of my pool.
Based on my original thread (see below) I still have a few additional questions.
I’ve included additional background after the questions.

1) Is there a maximum length that a pool light circuit is prohibited to exceed? This run will be somewhere between 150 and 200 feet.
2) What is the minimum depth I should dig the trench for this conduit (noting that it will be on a GCFI breaker)?
3) Are there any restrictions on how far away from the pool / area that this circuit and conduit is prohibited to exceed? What I mean here is that it would be a smaller run if I hugged the conduit closer to the pool inside the fenced in area, but I now have patio pavers and pea gravel that would be less than ideal to move first. I didn’t think there is a “you can’t run the electric on the outside of the pool fence” but better to be certain (as I made the mistake of not knowing that splicing the ground line which lead me to my situation in the first place)
4) Are there any restrictions or best practices on running conduit in an area that you know that plants/trees will eventually have roots growing near? Should I dig the trench and hug as closest to the fence as possible?
5) Are there any restrictions or best practices on running conduit in an area where a French or other drain or gravel pit for water run off will be flowing? There is a section where my patio pavers will let out a corrugated drain that is buried in a gravel dry pit layered with geo fabric will cut across where the conduit is intended. Whether I dig the conduit trench to go above or below this area depends on this question and if there are any depth restrictions with conduit.
6) Are there any restrictions or best practices on the number of 90 degree turns in a pool light circuit? I will have five (two vertical, three horizontal).
7) Are there any restrictions for running conduit inside of conduit? What I mean here is that the section in the upper right next to the breaker panel is almost all river gravel. When I go to trench this it will keep falling into itself and I’ll either end up with a very wide trench or will have to hold things up to avoid it continually collapsing itself. I was considering laying some 4 to 6 inch or larger PVC with both ends open to assist with this and any future runs. But if there is a restriction of running conduit through a PVC tunnel like this then I will just grin and bear dealing with the gravel area.

Other background info…

The image attached is my picaso attempt at an overhead where
Black lines around pool is the pool fence (aluminum)
The dark purple snake like lines are the French drain / gravel dry pit for drainage
The light purple line is the proposed run of ¾ inch gray conduit
The tan box on the left of the pool is the raised pool light jbox
The tan box on the upper right is the 100A service breaker box
The blue stars are proposed tree locations (thuja green giants) likely to be planted 3-6 feet away from fence.
The upper white lines near the breaker panel is the proposed idea of running the gray conduit through pvc pipe (both ends open) so that this run and future runs will be easier to deal with (because river gravel keeps falling onto itself when trenching

There is a slight grade on all sides of the pool fence that slope away from the pool fence/area
From the breaker box will be a switch aprx 3-6 feet from breaker box and then from the switch the long length of conduit mentioned here to the pool jbox
The ground wire will run one home run from pool jbox to breaker box. Another ground will go from breaker box to switch (3-6 feet away from breaker box)
THWN 12 gauge wires will be used
For even more background, here is my original thread.
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Long run of conduit for underwater pool light/switch-pool-overhead.jpg  
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You might want to read up on article 680 of the NEC, there are so many codes dealing with light niches....
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