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Originally Posted by hsstudent View Post

what would happen if I dont have enough power,

and what would happen if I have too much power..

If you donít not have enough electrical load on the output of the PMA the turbine will spin faster. You see energy is conserved so the mechanical energy available to the turbine will either convert to electrical energy via the PMA or be converted to kinetic energy in the speed of the turbine. Most commercial wind turbines have mechanical brakes for this very reason. In an intense wind storm they can lock down the turbines so they donít go above safe RPM speeds. Some energy will be lost as heat through all the points of friction where higher speed will increase the losses.
A higher RPM will drive up the output voltage as well since you do not have a voltage regulator in this scheme. So this could get potentially dangerous.

The flip side is less worrisome. If you put too much load on the electrical side the turbine will be just bogged down and not spin much. I think this is your more likely case. You are talking 600W to 700W of load which will require 1-1.5 HP of mechanical energy in. That is if you PMA is well designed and optimized which seems unlikely (an auto alternator might have 20-30 man years of engineering design into it). So I suspect your PMA wonít be that efficient. Letís say 10% for arguments sake. So to sustain a 600W load you'll need 6000W of mechanical energy or 8HP. That better be a good sized turbine to generate 8HP.
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In both scenario's all the bulbs will be the same brightness when wired in parallel. They all have the same voltage and current flow.

The bulbs are only rated at 100 watts. Any more and yes, they'll burn out.

To low a voltageand they may not light up at all.
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I don't think the two scenarios you posted can be answered as asked because there are 2 missing variables for the equation. The bulbs you want to use are designed to output a particular brightness at 120 volts ac.
We dont have any way of knowing what your output voltage will be so it's impossible to answer.
What you have been told is that if you wire 10. 100w light bulbs in parallel, they will all illuminate to the same level (or fail to illuminate) provided they are all identical.

If you produce sufficient power at whatever voltage, they will illuminate to some extent. If you manage to produce excess power, some or all will burn out. Due to vagaries in manufacturing, some will be more tolerant than others of the overload condition.

One of the other posters asked you what size wire the windings are on your generator because they could become the weak link in your circuit and burn thru in the event that this device produces significant energy.

Congrats in getting this far and I eagerly await the test results when you fire it up!!
How old are you btw?
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