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Help!! is this safe?

Hi All

I am new to the site, in a last ditched attempt to get some cmmon sense from someone qualified.
I am a disabled lady, who lives in adapted housing through a housing trust. I recently had a new kitchen fitted however this has brought many problems with it, of which I will go into on a nother post.

However at present my main concern is the following scenario:-

Under the sink is the new sink base, waste, washing machine inlet for waste connected with metal clip, and 1 single green/yellow wire poking thru from a hole at the rear of the cupboard.
When tracing this exposed wire I see it leads out of the cupboard back, and into a small hole in the plaster on the wall, under a copper pipe. It is not connected to the pipe that I can see just adjacent to it.

I can see that the wire is exposed at the end laying bare inside the undersink cupboard, ie sheath back exposing copper wiring.

My major concern is: - IS THIS SAFE???

I am unable to confirm where the lead goes as i is incased in the wall palster. When asking the housing trust electricians, he said, "oh dont worry its just an old earth wire, its fine". If so why is it there in the first place?

My other concern is, the wire is in close proximity to water, from the sink, however reading another web page help thing it states it can be dangerous if it should touch a live?? There is a small scorch brown burn mark on top of the plastic sheat appx 1cm long.

From what I can work out myself, we have 2 fuse box RCD's in the house. the main 1 in the hall and secondary in the bedroom.
main - fuses bed 1, lounge, kitchen, bed 2
secondary - fuses bathroom, shower pump

the kitchen has the following sockets and appliances.
5 double sockets - 1 used/1spare fridge, 1 used toastr/1 used ktl, 1 used mwave/1 spare, 1 frzr/1 spare, 1 spare/1 spare
1 single socket - washer (fused 13A - switch box)
1 single socket fused - cooker
1 fused 5A switch box - extractor
1 fused unknown amp switch box - fridge?

When using the washing machine since this new elec socket layout, the washing machine trips out, and power is lost to bed 1 and lounge area.
However when set up was done, we were advised the dbl socket marked above in red was to be routed through bathroom conduit to secondary RCD. However the electrician said earlier the secondary RCD was not changed. So therefore the dbl socket above in Red, could this have possibly caused the trip, in the fact an overload has een caused by turning on the Washing machine? Even though the red dbl socket is spare at present, but still sourced??

Please help me put my mind at ease.
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Not sure of the answer to your issues but you might confirm that live in the UK? It may help with the correct answer as electrical systems can differ by country.
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Yes i am in the UK, and it is using the green and yellow earth wiring.

Does nobody know if an earth wire is dangerous if just left hanging near wate supply??
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