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Halogen lights keep blowing

The house I moved into about a year ago has 8 halogen lights in the ceiling of the living room. They constantly go out and I have changed every single one of them more than once which is ridiculous as well as expensive. I use the same type of bulb that the previous owners had there (it doesn't seem like anything else would fit in there) though it does seem like an odd type of bulb to have in a ceiling fixture but I don't know. Anyone have any ideas what may be causing this problem?
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Are the actually halogen bulbs sealed or do you have to touch them to get them in? If you have to touch them know that oils from your fingers can reduce the life of halogens by 25 percent or more. Invest in some denatured alcohol (not household rubbing alcohol---it has lanolin in it) and wipe the bulbs before first use.

Because they burn so hot, turning halogens on and off a lot diminishes their life span.

If you are buying box store halogens you might want to switch to those from a lighting dealer or electrical supply house. I do a lot of work for galleries with regard to lighting and the box store bulbs just don't last as long. We gave up on them. With a negotiated discount, we don't pay that much more at a real store.

You might shop online too. I have seen long life halogens advertised at times. If you don't need so much light from them, try dropping the wattage of the bulbs. And, you might explore LED replacements. They come now in configurations to match just about any halogen configuration. They are still expensive but you will not replace them for a long time.

Just one other thought. Sometimes if you are blowing an unusual number of bulbs of any kind it can be do to something simple like a loose wire---especially the white neutral---at the box. Might want to have an electrician out to double check things for you. He/she can test that circuit for you while there.

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You may also try a dimmer control. If, as in my case, your line voltage may be a bit high. At times mine goes to 126V. I can't give you hard numbers, but a small reduction in voltage without a significant reduction in light output will extend bulb life quite noticeably.
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You can pick up a cheap multimeter and see what voltage you have at one of the fixtures. If it's much higher than 120 (closer to 130) that may be your problem.

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