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Originally Posted by trudyjk View Post
The Koi need an open hole for even oxygen exchange and let out toxins in the water. Presently the aereator is giving them oxygen but there is no opening for the toxins to escape. So it is just a matter of time......
Can you have someone drill a hole through the ice like an ice fisherman does as a stop gap measure?

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the breaker and GFCI are both about 4 years old.
The extension cords I used are Woods patio outdoor 16 gauge 13 amp 40 ft. Nemo 14 gauge 15amp 25 ft, and contractors grade 12gauge 25 ft.
Pond heaters are Allied 1250 and K & H Manufactoring 1500. Bought at differest places. Extensions bought at diifferent places.
I have unplugged aereator and pluged in just heater into that outlet.
The 2 GFCI's are on different breakers on the panel.
i don't think I can get heaters out to test. I won't use an axe, dangerous to heath of koi because of vibration. Pond is a distance from the house but I will try a couple gallons of boiling water. Our temps here have been averaging in the minuses at night so I think that might not work.
I'm pretty sure from the sounds of it I ned to replace the outlets. Thanks
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That is a good idea, it may not stay long but I did just buy my son-in law a ice auger for christmas. Thanks!!
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OK, 1250w (54% of 20a circuit) & 1500w (62.5% of 20a circuit) heaters
Neither one should kick the breaker off
And if it was over loaded the breaker should trip...not the GFCI
I haven't found any reviews good or bad about your heaters

12g ext cord should only have a voltage drop of 1.2v
The 16g cord is a little light duty for the heater load

Possibly you have some bad GFCI's -doubtful since aerator works
Water got into the GFCI box outside & has not dried out

You can get a faucet adaptor & run a hose out to the pond
Then turn on the hot water to melt a hole thru the ice

If its a choice between an axe & your fish dying I'd use the axe

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How is the pump connected? If you plug it into the heater extension cord does it trip the GFCI?
Please confirm the GFCI is tripping and not the breaker. You must push the reset button to reset it?
What is the wattage and voltage rating of the heater?
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