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Electrical permit application

Okay, I know I'll probably need to talk with my inspector, I just called and left a message but I've done that before and I'm yet to get a call back.

As I've described in other threads, I'm rewiring my house... When I filled out the form, the total of the fees came out to $491. That seems like a lot considering I figured my materials cost to be around $1200 for the whole project (I'll have to add a 200A panel, and there's always little things that add up so I figure it'll end up around $2000 by the time I'm done) But relative to materials, the permit fees seem exhorbitant.

So here's a list of what I'm figuring on doing:
The following circuits are going to be on the new 200A panel:
1) second floor bedroom outlets AFCI
2) first floor bedroom outlets AFCI
3) kitchen outlets #1 GFCI
4) kitchen outlets #2 GFCI
5) refrigerator
6) microwave
7) range 220V
8) outside outlets GFCI
9) bathroom outlets GFCI
10) dishwasher
11) dryer 220V
12) washing machine
13) utility room outlets GFCI
14) garage sub panel 220v 100A
15) smoke detectors
16) first floor lighting
17) second floor lighting
18) TV outlets
19) living room outlets
20) furnace

The line items on the permit application that result:
appliances 110 volts: 1 @ $15 (dishwasher)
circuits, first: $21
circuits, each additional: 19 @ $9 each
fixtures first 25 $28
fixtures additional 25: 2 @ $21 each (64 outlets, 11 light fixtures)
garage subpanel and feeder $78
residential smoke alarms first 5: $50
each additional smoke alarm: 3 @ $9 each
services/relocate repair $46

I'm totally wiring everything new because I don't trust ANY circuit that is currently in the house, everything I've seen has either been knob and tube or lamp cord where I've uncovered the entire second floor, and where I haven't uncovered it I know that the garage is wired with lamp cord, there is improperly secured wire in the crawl space and the kitchen outlets are wired backwards.

There are two receptacles in the living room on a seperate circuit I've been trusting to power my tools, other than that I've used lighting only and turned off breakers when I leave after done working.

But with that said, am I really adding all of that up right, or can I subtract the number of existing circuits and fixtures since the project will be taking the existing 12 circuits and however many fixtures out of service or just reconnecting some of them with new wire?

God.. ya know, I'm only paying $500 a month over 5 years to buy this house on land contract. LAMP CORD WIRING!? I knew there were issues, but I didn't know the extent to which the house doesn't meet any code that ever existed. I'd say this is why we offered $25000 when the house listed at $35000, but then again we made that offer based on the fact that the electrical looked like it was knob and tube with a newer properly installed 100A service and otherwise in code.

Okay, enough venting for now.
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Electrical Contractor
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Bureaucracy run amok with those fees!

Many jurisdictions offer a flat fee rate for a "whole house" which covers everything in the house. Sounds like they need that in your area.

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A new construction single family initial wiring permit here in Louisville is $160, with three inspections included. A service extension, burnout or upgrade is $50 with one inspection. I'm guessing (not sure) your job would be considered an upgrade since it's an existing single family, so your fee would be $50. Even if I am wrong, the max would be $160.

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" Euro " electrician
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I know the fees in Wisconsin is less than 200 USD for whole house set up but just watch the line items that can add up fast.

In France it is 300 Euros for whole house set up with 2 or 3 trip on inspector checking out the site.

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They do have minimum permit fees, building permit minimum is $100, mechanical, plumbing and electrical are $70. Plus the building permit has a $50 deposit which goes up to $200 for additions and $750 for new homes (Which really would only apply to complete rebuilds after complete demolition I'd guess since it's pretty well fully developed except for lots here and there that have been cleared)

They charge $450 for a new home permit, so you'd think..

I'm thinking maybe I'll just put in the appliance for the dishwasher, the service panel relocate, the smoke detectors and the garage subpanel, that comes to $216 which I can live with... I'm going to have a $100 building permit on top of that for the support beams, and I was going to have a mechanical for a bathroom vent, but that will have to wait unless they find a way for me to pay less fees or waive the $50 deposit on the building permit.
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For those fees maybe they ought to install it all too. Sad thing is this drives people to not get permits and the city ends up with less in permit fees and a less safe community.
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... And people end up using lamp cord and taping exposed wires and hiding it in the drywall?

Yeah... the funny thing is 2 houses ago when I lived in another suburb right next to this one, they have a similar schedule for fees. But it was a smaller suburb, so you could usually walk up to the counter and half of the time the inspector would be there, and I had a basement remodel I was doing, sketches with all the symbols and so on... I was expecting some astronomical fee, but it just ended up being $100, the mechanical fee for that was $15 or something, and something like $50 for plumbing.

I've just really gotta talk to someone I guess.
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